PUBG Shooting Tips, Sensitivity free UC and More New Tricks

PUBG Mobile has a lot of hidden tricks you don’t know about. You will be able to play much better then before if you customized these settings. By this, you will be able to improve your shooting and viewing experience. These PUBG shooting tips will change the way of your gameplay. Play like dynamo gaming and Carryminati with these simple tricks.

Gyroscope is one of the most important attachments for PUBG Mobile. There are many benefits to having a Gyroscope. That gives you the ability to see the enemy or other things from very far. You will find any kind of Gyroscope in the game. There is 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x and 8x scope in PUBG Mobile. You can adjust game scope sensitivity to play better.

Go to basic Setting >> Basic >> Gyroscope >> Always on. This setting will help you to shoot better.

Now, Go to the Sensitivity setting and you will find Sensitivity for specific Gun. Customize it as you want.

Gameplay tricks:

  • Prone and Shoot: When enemy already gives you a lot of damage and you are out of ammo or you need to reload then just lie down on the ground. By doing this, the enemy won’t be able to hit you easily and you can have some time to reload your ammo.
  • Use the Grass: Use the grass to hide from the enemy. If the enemy saw you from far and you have no idea where the bullets came from then hiding in the grass is the best way to be alive. If an enemy got a silencer attachment than you can’t find the location where the enemy is.
  •  Stay Together: Don’t go far from your team otherwise you will be alone and the enemy team might not be alone. One more problem you will face while rooming around alone, the chance of being revived after getting knocked is very less because your teammate who will revive you is far away from you. You will be dead by the time they reach you.
  • Planing: Before attacking an enemy or a team you have to make a plan. Never underestimate your enemy. You don’t know the ability of your enemy so you better not mess with him alone. Go with your team and play with strategy. In that way, you can take the winner winner chicken dinner in most of the matches.
  • Internet Connection: Ping is one of the most important things to play an online video game. Get into a match when the ping rate is low. If the ping rate is high then you can not play the game properly with good skill also. 
  • Customize Buttons: All the buttons are customizable in PUBG Mobile. You can set them anywhere on your display. Move them to the proper place to be comfortable in the game. You can also use four fingers for playing this game.
  • Graphics Setting: Lower your graphics setting if your phone doesn’t have good hardware. When you enable higher graphics, the game requires the best processor and Ram. It also drains a lot of charges. PUBG Mobile Gaming is good in MIUI 11 Devices.


For PUBG shooting tips, you need to follow all these instructions. You can practice in a training mood and improve your gameplay skills. Make sure you are giving your best while playing PUBG mobile. All the battleground games like free fire and call of duty mobile are the same category. So you will be able to good in each of them by following these tips and tricks.

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