How to Fix Stopping Error in Any Device

Android Devices are growing and updating their technology day by day. It’s become the best in the smartphone world. Google tried it’s best to serve the maximum feature in android smartphones. However, there is some bug always remains in android devices. sometimes we face a message of “unfortunately, the has stopped“. Today we will show you how to fix the Error in almost every device.

A regular android user might not be aware of this problem. Everything seems fine and perfectly optimized in google has given android devices. This problem mainly affects them, who flashed custom ROM on their phone. This message comes on screen frequently and it closes some open program. It’s very annoying for a user

How to fix error:

There is no guarantee that your problem will be fixed because this is related to an internal error. But we can still try by doing some easy steps that won’t affect your mobile data or durability.

3 Methods are available for fixing that error. I hope one of them will work on your devices.

Method 1:

>> Open “Settings” and go to “Apps“.

>> You will find “Google Play Services” There, Click on that app.

>> Go to “Manage Space” and tap on “Clear data“.

>> Now Go to “Google Play Store” from the list and do the same thing.

>> After doing that, Go to “Google Play Services” again. Force Stop the app and Clear data again.

>> Now go to App Drawer and open “Google Play“. It will give you the warning of and you have to click “OK“.

>> Restart your device now and check that “Google Play Service” is running or not. If not than, turn it on.

>> This will fix the issue of your device probably.

If this tricks don’t work on your device, you can try another method for fixing that error.

Method 2:

>> Turn off the Google Syncing from your device. For that, Go to Settings and open Account. You will find “Google” here. Click on it and toggle off that.

>> Now go to “Apps” from “Settings“.

>> Click on the three-dot menu from up.

>> Now Click on “Show System Apps” from here. You will find system apps from here now.

>> Choose “Media Storage” from the apps, Clear data of the app and disable it.

>> Get back to the app list and find “Download Manager” From here. Clear Data and Disable it similarly. 

>> Turn off your phone for a few minutes now.

>> Turn on your device now and undo all the settings from Media Storage and Download manager.

I hope that notification will not disturb you anymore and let you use your android device comfortably. 

Most of the devices get a solution by doing one of this but a few devices don’t work with any of them. If youf don’t get the solution of “android process media has stopped” after trying all of these then you need to flash your device again. Let’s know the main reason for this error.

Why this error?

We know this error but we don’t know why this happens to our devices and how to avoid it. If we know the reason behind the problem than we can stay away from doing that mistake so we don’t have to face it.

>> Failure of some system apps can make this error and that’s a thing that you can’t fix. So you have to be lucky 

>> This can happen by firmware upgrade failure also.

>> Moving from a ROM to another Custom ROM can affect the device with this problem also.

>> Restore an app from Titanium Backup can also be the reason for the error of

How to avoid this problem?

This is a very painful problem to deal with. Your android phone becomes so uncomfortable to use for this error. So you need to do all the things to stay away from this. Try to be in your default ROM. If you no need a custom ROM then don’t flash your device. If it is very important to install custom ROM than download it from trusted websites like xda-forum. Don’t install apps from an unknown source. It can harm your device and also stole your private data as well.


Use google play store for downloading android apps. You will find all kinds of apps here and they are secure.

If your device has an internal android issue or you need to change the version of ROM of your phone then you should use custom ROM. always use a trusted source for installing custom ROM.

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