Best Multiplayer game for android in 2021. Better than PUBG?

Gaming is more fun when you play with your friends around the globe. That’s why PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty is so famous. But many of you can’t play PUBG and other games for having a low budget phone.

 That’s why i have come today to introduce you with some best multiplayer game for android devices which can be a good  PUBG alternative or free fire alternative. You can play those games in most of the android devices without any lag or heating issue.

Best Multiplayer Game for android in 2021 :

Best multiplayer game for android Critical Ops shoukhintech

1.Critical Ops

This game is free to play. You can download the game from play store. This game is about fighting with terrorist. You can play combat with your friend in this game. This game size is only 76MB. So, you can play this game in your android phone without any lag or heating problem. If you have a 1GB ram phone, you can still play this game.The graphics of the game is also very good. You will have a good sound and visual experince while playing this game.

Best multiplayer game for android asphalt 9 legend shoukhintech

2.Asphalt 9

This is a the best multiplayer racing game for android online. You can also play this game offline. It has very good graphics and it is totally free to play and download. Many of you like multiplayer racing gaming. You can play this game on your android device. The APK size of this game is 88MB only. You just need a android phone with android version of 4.1 or higher for playing this epic multiplayer game.

Best multiplayer game for android Modern Combat 5 shoukhintech

3.Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat is a very popular game for PC and gaming console. It is also avialable for android device also. There are many fans of modern combat out there who wants to play the game but can’t play because they don’t have a PC or Gaming Console. You can play this game with your friend online. This is one of the best combat game to play in multiplayer. Download this game from Google Play for free.

Best multiplayer game for android Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2 shoukhintech

4.Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

This game is very much known to all i guess. It is a very old game but still entertaining. Many people start their multiplayer gaming from this epic game. This game don’t have good graphics but the concept of this game is amaging. Bad thing about this game is, There are many Mini militia hacke available. It is tough to hack an online game. Well there are others game like PUBG and Free Fire are also hacking

Best multiplayer game for android N.O.V.A. Legacy shoukhintech

5.N.O.V.A. Legacy

This game is based on a PC game N.O.V.A 3. Graphics of the game is very cool and  sound quality is also awesome. N.O.V.A game had no android version so they launch this game for android device. This game is also a good choice for multiplayer gaming. 

There are many others game what is available for android but these games are best if you are looking for multiplayer game. One of these games can be a good alternative for PUBG or Free Fire.

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