Download New Google Pixel Wallpaper in 2020

A good wallpaper can make your phone look so cool. Wallpaper describes what kind of person you are. Selecting perfect wallpaper is hard but we made this easy for you. here is some Google pixel wallpaper we bring to you what you might like. You can download them separately one by one or download them all at once in the zip file also. These wallpapers are provided by google because the pixel is a brand of Google.


Click them for full preview.

Why Pixel Wallpaper?

Pixel wallpapers have a very beautiful and minimal look and that’s why most people like them. You can see beautiful wallpaper in this collection that you never have seen before. These wallpapers are designed for android mobile. You don’t need to be a Google pixel user for applying them. Any android user can download these wallpapers and use them.

Where to use them?

These wallpapers will look very nice in every place of your phone. You can use them as a lock screen and home screen. Contact’s image will also look great with these images. They have a very classy and minimal look so you will be able to use them for your corporate mobile as well. Pixel wallpapers look nice on LG, Samsung, XiaomiVIVOOPPO and even in iPhones. Samsung Galaxy S7 wallpapers are similar with Pixel 4 wallpapers.

Wallpaper using tricks

Your android phone has a specification on battery and performance. Wallpaper can change them. Dark wallpapers usually drain battery slowly and improve your battery life. On the other hand, light wallpapers are bright but they eat battery percentage very fast. 

You can try them both by using them. Use a dark wallpaper for a day and see the battery usage of the screen in settings. Also, use a light wallpaper for a day and check that again. You will find the difference here. Light wallpaper is recommended if your phone has a big battery and you are a color lover. Go for dark wallpaper if you have a phone with a tiny battery.

We have put dark and bright both in pixel wallpapers so it will be easy for you to choose among them.

If you don’t want to waste your time by downloading them one by them than you can get all the Google pixel wallpaper at once in the zip file. These wallpapers will update your phone look to another level.

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