How to Fix WiFi Failed to Obtain IP Address in Android

WiFi connection is available in most places nowadays. It gives advantages to those people who love to access the internet all the time or do some online job. It’s easy to connect an android device to a WiFi network. Scan for a host and connect to by entering the password. Several errors we face while connecting an android device to a WiFi network. WiFi failed to obtain IP address is a common error on wireless devices. Let’s know why the problem cause and how can we get rid of obtain the IP address of a network without any error.

Wireless unlimited internet makes our life easier and simpler that we never could imagine before. WiFi helps us for entertainment, education, current affairs, and many more. Wired devices don’t face that much problem while connecting to a network because everything is physically connected there. Wireless devices like iPhone and android users meet with some technical issues sometimes. The IP address obtaining problem can cause for many reasons. We will let you know about them and show you how to fix the problem.

Solution for WiFi Failed to Obtain IP Address 

Before you try any of these tricks to fix your WiFi problem, Do restart the router if possible and reconnect the network several times. This might solve your problem without doing anything.

Solution 1

Change the advance settings while connecting a WiFi network. There is an “Advanced Option” menu that will be shown on your device when you input passwords for a network. These settings can be in different places according to your device. Try to hold the network name or press the arrow with it to find the advance settings and fix wifi failed to obtain IP address problem.

Change the IP Settings from DHCP to Static and type here. You can replace the 100 with any number(not more than 225). Both of these DHCP and Static IP address is different.

Android Advance Wifi Settings for obtaining IP address

Enter the wifi password after fixing the IP setting and you might be able to connect to the network and won’t be failed to obtain IP address.

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Solution 2

Restart the Google play service app if the previous trick doesn’t work for your device. This app is available on your phone app manager. Go to Settings >> Manage Apss >> Google Play service and click on the restart option/ Force Stop to solve the wifi failed to obtain IP address problem.

Google Play Service Restart For obtaining IP address problem

Restart your device and connect the network after doing this and the WiFi will be connected on your android or iOS device.

Solution 3

Some more things you can do if the network still not connecting your device and showing failed to obtain IP address.

  • Restart the WiFi router.
  • Forget the network and reconnect it.
  • Restart your device.

Doing these things will help you to obtain IP address from the router to your device.

wifi ip address obtaining problem


What is the reason for WiFi failed to obtain IP address?

This error can occur for many reasons in your android and iOS device. When the router is full of devices and not able to give you more IP addresses,  It shows you failed to obtain IP address message.  You can disconnect some unused devices to connect a new one for that or upgrade the router which will be an expensive solution for this error.

WiFi signals have a limited range. This range depends on your router. Some routers can cover a large area and some can do a little but it can’t be endless. If you are trying to connect the device from very far then it might show the obtaining problem. It’s hard to access the  IP of the router from the far area. Try to be in range and get a minimum of 50%  of wifi signals to use it properly. You get the fastest internet when you stay close to the router and get the maximum signal.

How to fix authentication error in WiFi?

This one is also a very common problem in connecting a WiFi network.  The authentication error in WiFi problem can be solved in the same way you did fix failed to obtain IP address problem. Some more things you might need to do for that.


It’s very annoying when you want to connect a WiFi network and it’s keep showing you WiFi failed to obtain IP address. A lot of wifi issues can be found on your device and this process might solve them all. Use the internet safely and comfortably for good usage.

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