Second Monitor Not Detected Problem Solved in Windows 10

Dual monitor users are increasing day by day. People love to have two monitors on a single PC and that not only for a good look but it also has many benefits. Many times you face the second monitor not detected a problem on your computer. All the power and connections are fine but still your computer not detecting second monitor and use only one monitor for display. This error can be occurred because of the connection problem or wrong settings

Before you solve the 2nd monitor not detected problem, find out the problem. It would be easier to fix the error if you find out the reason for not detecting the second monitor. Windows 10 doesn’t detect the second monitor because the default setting is set for a single monitor. Config your windows computer immediately after you connect the second monitor properly.

This process is only working on Windows computers. Another computer like macOS,  Linux settings are different than this. If you have installed windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 operating system then you can follow this trick to fix the monitor detecting problem.

Second Monitor Not Detected Solution

The reason for the computer not detecting second monitor is different for different users. Solutions are not the same as well. Find out the problem and use the method to fix the monitor detecting problem.

Scan for Monitor

Windows 10 computer will let you search for all the connected display devices and enable them. Here how you will do it.

  • Go to Settings of your windows computer from the start menu.
  • Navigate to System Settings >> Display Settings and click on “Detect” from the bottom.

monitor not deteceting windows 10

You will see both of your connected display devices then. In case you don’t find anything here, the second monitor is not connected properly or you have a driver problem.

Update Graphics Driver

A backdated graphics driver can be the reason for not detecting a dual monitor on your Windows 10 computer. Updating or reinstalling drivers may help you to use both monitors at a time.

  • Right-click on “This PC” and click on manage.
  • Select “Device Manager” from here.
  • Navigate to “Monitor” and select the monitor.
  • Double click on your monitors and go to the “driver” tab.
  • Click on “Update Driver” and restart your PC.
driver update for second monitor not detecting problem
Make sure you have the internet-connected on your PC to update the driver. Update your windows also for batter performance of the computer.

Check the Connections

If none of these tricks works and you still having a single display output then check for the cables and connections. Check the power cable and the  VGA as well to use the dual monitor on your Windows 10 computer. Connections can be a good reason for the second monitor not detected problem.

second monitor detected port

Troubleshoot for the problem if these solutions don’t work. 

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Where can I find wallpaper for the dual monitor?

Large wallpapers are the most exciting thing in dual monitor setup. Finding a background image for the dual monitor is not hard. You need wider wallpaper for your second monitor computer setup.  There are a lot of free image sites where you can find wallpaper for 2nd monitor. Here are some sites Unsplash, Pexels, Pixbay. After you solve the second monitor not detected error you can use these images and enjoy the dual desktop mode.

How much mouse cursor will I have in the dual monitor?

You will get a single mouse cursor and a single mouse input device for dual monitor. Manage both of the desktops with the same mouse. It’s easy to manage dual monitor setup and rememberable also.


These methods usually work for all the windows computers. If you still don’t get to fix your second monitor detected problem then use your 2nd monitor as the main monitor so check if the monitor is all right or not. Check all the cable because sometimes the cable is broken from inside and you don’t find it from the outside layer.

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