Snapchat Waiting to Send Glitch Solved in 1 Minute

Snapchat is a very popular social media in most of the country.  This app provides you all the great features of messaging and being social. Most of the time you don’t find any bug on this app but sometimes you face Snapchat waiting to send glitch on your android and iOS device. People get so bothered when it’s urgent to text someone or send some data and they stuck on Snapchat pending text bug.

A few things can be the reason for this glitch and today we are going to talk about them. You will be able to fix this error after you finish reading this article. Snapchat is a huge media for file and text sharing so you can’t replace it with other apps if all your friends and colleague use this. Being anti-social is not a great option in this era.  Somehow, you need to connect with people of society through the internet and social media. Snapchat gives you a good opportunity for that.

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What is the Reason for Snapchat Waiting to Send Glitch

The reason for this bug can be anything on software and your connection. When the app can’t access the internet from your phone or send data to the server of it than Snapchat failed to send a text or image. Usually, this problem doesn’t occur a lot but when it does, it makes you frustrating. Sometimes this is just a connection error and sometimes it is a bug from the app.

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How to Solve Snapchat Message Won’t Send Problem

There are a few tricks available to fix this Snapchat waiting to send glitch and we will start from the basic and simple one. Well, none of them are hard and tricky for anyone who can access a smartphone. Both android and iOS users can follow the same process to fix the error of waiting to send in Snapchat. Here are some solutions that will help you to get rid of “tap to retry” option from Snapchat and sent messages on the first try.

Network Error

Check your wifi or mobile network if you are using cellular data on your smartphone. Most of the time it is the fault of your connection for Snapchat could not send problems. Make sure you have a decent internet connection and it works perfectly. Try to browse other app and websites from the same network to find out.

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Cellular data is limited so check the validity and usage of your data pack before you find another solution for Snapchat waiting to send glitch. Plugin your wifi router correctly and check if the internet is available on it or not.

Reboot Your Device

Your device can misbehave and stop sending data to the Snapchat app for some bug. Try rebooting your smart device and reopen the app to fix this error. Please close the Snapchat before you reboot the device. Do this for your android and iOS devices both. Close every app from running in the background and then start the restart process.

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Update Snapchat App

If you are using a really old version of Snapchat than it’s a basic thing to face glitches on the app. Always try to have the latest version of every app. you will find them on google play store for your android phone and app store for your iOS device.

This app is free to use from these media.  Don’t install apps from untrusted media, It may harm your personal data from your smartphone.

Re-Login on Snapchat App

If your account facing the problem but another account is working perfectly on your device then try to log out your account or clear data of the app and log in on it. You will get the best experience of Snapchat after doing that and your Snapchat waiting to send glitch will also go from your device.

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Snapchat Server Down

Snapchat is a big company and the probability of their server getting down is very low but that’s not impossible. Check if the server is ok online so you can use an alternative for that moment or wait till the server is fixing. Find the Snapchat server status here.


Snapchat problem is not a common thing online because it happens very rarely.  If you still don’t find solution for your problem then check your device compatibility for the app. As it is a quite big app so you might face some problems while accessing it with a low-end device. Hope you find Snapchat waiting to send glitch solution from the article and never stuck on the “Tap to retry” page. 

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