How to Wave on Facebook: Social Media Tips & Tricks

Wave any of your Facebook friends with your messenger app or a browser. It’s a feature that never gets old. So let’s get to know how to wave on Facebook. Waving a friend on Facebook means you want to talk or chat with that friend. First, it was a feature of messenger but now you can use this on Facebook from anywhere. Facebook is the most popular social media that’s why you need to know the tips and tricks of it.

Sometimes you want to have a conversation with someone but you don’t know where to start. Waving clear your confusion and help the person to know that you are interested in talking with him. You can wave anyone from your Facebook friendliest. The most exciting things are that you can remove the wave if you don’t get a response.

How to Wave on Facebook

There are multiple ways to wave someone on Facebook. All of the methods works perfectly. Let’s discuss them one by one. You can choose the best one for you.

From Active Friend List

Go to your active friend list from Facebook messenger. Find the contact that you want to send a wave. You will see a wave icon on the side of every contact name. Click on the icon and the wave will be sent to that reception. This trick can be used in the only messenger that’s why you can apply it if you have a Facebook messenger installed on your phone. If you don’t have the app then you can download it from google play or app store.

Adding As a Friend

Facebook wants you to send a wave when you made a new friend.  Facebook gives you a messenger notification when you add someone as a friend. It says you wave to your friend. So if you want to send someone wave but he is not your friend then add them in your Facebook friend list. Making new friends will help you to have more information in your newsfeed. 

Facebook Website

Let’s know how to wave on Facebook when you are browsing from the PC browser. Log in to your Facebook account first. You will see all your Facebook contact on the right side of the window. Sometimes it’s minimized by default. Click on the “Chat” from the bottom right and the tab will maximize. You won’t see wave icons by default but when you hover the mouse courser to any contact, it will show you wave icon by the side of your contact.

Emoji and Sticker

You can simply send a waving emoji or sticker from your device. Emojis and stickers are available for all the devices. You will get many options to choose from in emojis and stickers. Stickers look more attractive than the emojis. You should try those sometime. 

Remove Wave

Now you know how to wave on Facebook but sometimes you send a wave to someone by mistake or you don’t get any response after sending it. You start regretting that. Removing waves is also possible on Facebook but you can’t remove the emoji and sticker waves from here. I mean you can but it still shows a notification to that person. 

  • Go to the conversation.
  • Tap and hold the wave for a few seconds.
  • Select “Remove for Everyone” option.

It will remove the wave from Facebook. Facebook Messenger from PC, Android and iOS support removing wave. 


The terms and conditions of Facebook can be changed anytime. So if this trick doesn’t work properly then Facebook must have changed their rules or make a change to their user interface.

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