How to Skip Ads on Hulu – Block Every Ad

Video streaming is the next big thing in the online platform. It’s already become very popular among other activities on the internet. Most of these streaming services have a free and premium version so if you are a free user then you have to face ads while watching videos. Let’s know how to skip ads on Hulu and other streaming services.

Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Disney +, Amazon Prime all these video streaming services are taking over movie theaters. You might have seen ads on all of these services while using which is very annoying. Simply get rid of these ads using some tricks. Here is the way to block Hulu ads permanently from your xbox, PS4, PC and mobile.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu Permanently 

As you are a free user, You see ads every time you open the Hulu service or streaming something on it. People feel disturbed when they see a lot of ads at a very short time and these ads are long enough so you have watched the full ad to continue to the video. Here’s what you need to do to skip ads on Hulu.

Use AdBlocker Extension

Chrome web browser allows you to add an extension to it and it’s very helpful. You can simply download and add an ad blocker extension from chrome web store so you don’t get an ad from any of the websites you visit from google chrome. Adguard Adblocker is a very useful extension to skip or block Hulu ads.

block ads on hulu

Try Blokada

Blokada is an android app that blocks ads from every app and website. install this app from google play and set up for blocking ad on Hulu android app.

It only helps you to remove ads from the android phone. You will still be seen ad on your Xbox, PS4, and pc.

Open Multiple Tabs

Hulu shows you ad on the same duration for the same video. You can try playing a video on two tabs and get rid of annoying ads on Hulu. Here’s what you need to do

  • Open the same video in different tabs.
  • Watch video on the primary tab.
  • Fast forward and mute the secondary tab to the ad location.
  • When you reach the first ad on the primary browser then go to the secondary browser and the ad must be finished by that time.
  • Now watch the video stream on the second browser.

Switch tabs like this to get rid of ads on Hulu. This process may sound easy but it’s not. Some people become choose to watch ad over switching tab over and again.

hulu ad remove from pc

Buy Premium 

Get the premium version of Hulu to get rid of ads from Xbox, PS4, PC, and mobile as well. This is the best solution to skip ads from any service and enjoy it from the peak. If you are not able to buy the premium Hulu subscription then read the how to skip ads on Hulu.

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You get all the exclusive content on Hulu so it’s batter to buy one premium subscription of it so you can enjoy it. Removing ads from any app without purchasing is hard and tricky. It’s batter to go premium if you are worthy of it.

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