Google Play Music vs Spotify: Which One is Batter in 2020

Google play music and Spotify both are good for music streaming. Many things between these services are similar but some major features are very different. The competition of music streaming services is very high.  Big companies like Apple, Amazon is also in the race but google play music vs Spotify is one of the most discussed issues on the internet.

Playing good music on your smart devices is a very common thing nowadays. Taste in music is different for different people. Both of these platforms offer you tons of music from many countries and categories. Not only listening to music, but You can also upload your own music on both of these platforms. Google play music and Spotify both are paid and the price of them is the same also.

People use music streaming services like google play music and Spotify for many reasons. Some of the features from Spotify or google play you might not like. Before you buy one of them, Know the truth about all features of both of these platforms.

Google Play Music VS Spotify

Here are all the discussion about Spotify and google play music. Read the full overview and decide what to buy for listening to music.


The price of the premium version google play music and Spotify is the same($10). Google play music and Spotify offer you to buy a family plan of 6 people. The family plan price is also the same for both of the services($15). Spotify has a special offer for students that is, You can but the premium package of Spotify for $5 if you are a student. Students don’t have a  lot of money and they use music for education purposes too that’s why Spotify gives students this opportunity.

Google play music and Spotify free to use for the regular version. Using them as your local music player is possible if you are not able to subscribe to the premium package. Google play music vs Spotify is pointless in the comperisin of price.


You can access the  Spotify and google play music from any of your smart devices but google play music has no application for that. You have to use a web browser to use google play music in any device.  Spotify has an app or program for android, iOs, Mac, and windows. You can still use google music from any of your web browsers by signing to your account. Spotify is batter in the discussion of Google play music vs Spotify if you like to play music in apps or programs.


6 user is the limit for google play music and Spotify both. An interesting fact about google play music is, it let one user access up to 10 devices when Spotify lets 1 user access 3 devices. So you can access your google play music on 60 devices with one subscription but Spotify lets you access 18 devices at a time. Go for the google play music if your family members have a lot of active smart devices.

Sharing Option

One of the biggest features of Spotify is, it lets you share music on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. Google play music doesn’t have any direct sharing feature available for music.

Sharing music is an important feature for music lovers. We like to share something that we like with our friends but that is not possible with google play music. Consider this cons of google play music before you purchase.

Upload Limit

Not all of us only listen to music, Some of us create their own music and want to publish it on Spotify and google music. You can upload 50000 songs with google play music but only can upload 10000 songs with Spotify. This is one of the biggest con of Spotify that you should consider before buying the premium subscription.


Taking a trial is a good option before buying any product. Spotify gives you a free trial of 3 months before buying when google music gives you a 1-month free trial.

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Which one should I buy?

We have discussed all the features of google play music vs Spotify. All those have some pros and some cons. It’s up to you which facilities are more important to you. 

Is there any alternative?

Amazon, YouTube Music, and many other popular music stream services are also available for smart devices.


Music is important for life. Discover new music every day with the help of google play music and Spotify. These services will help you find every kind of song you want. It has more then 40 million songs are available. You can also find a good audience here to show your musical talent here.  

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