How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube For All Devices

Watching youtube in free time is one of our favorite hobbies. There is plenty of content to watch there. Some of them are entertaining, some of them are for education purpose. We need to watch some videos with full details. Shoukhintech will show you how to go frame by frame on youtube by using and smart device.

When the activity of any video is fast but you need to watch it very slowly so you can notice every action of the video. You can’t pause the video at the exact moment all the time. We are going to provide you some tech solutions for watching a youtube video frame by frame.

How to go frame by frame on youtube

Youtube has some feature that allows you to view every frame of a video and understand the full context.

Method 1:

Watch the video in slow motion. Youtube video player let you play a video at 0.25x speed. What happen you play a video it that slow speed is, you will get time to see every detail of the video frame by frame. You can also see that in 0.50x speed if you don’t need too much slow video playback.

Here is how you go to slow video playback-

  • Open a youtube video.
  • Go to the setting icon from the player. Youtuebe playback speed for watching frame by frame 1
  • Navigate to “playback speed >> 0.25x” and the video will starting playing in slow mode.

Youtuebe playback speed for watching frame by frame 2 1

Switch back to normal playback after you are done watching a youtube video in the frame by frame.

Method 2:

Keep pausing the video when you want to watch it on frame by frame. There is a space button on your computer to pause youtube videos and a pause/play button on mobile devices. press these buttons rapidly while watching a video to see every frame of it. 

This is the best way of how to go frame by frame on youtube video. 

Method 3:

Use arrow keys to fast forward a video and watch in on every 5-sec frame. Using the left/ right arrow of the keyboard, you can see every 5-sec frame on a youtube video. You can also skip to every 10 sec by using the “J” and “L” key from your computer keyboard.


Youtube video players give you every feature that an online video player can give. If you want more details about a video, you can download it and play it frame by frame on any local video player like KM Player or Daum Pot Player. Offline video players will help you more in how to go frame by frame on youtube videos. For more tips and tricks about youtube and technology, let us know in a comment.

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