How to Convert Word to Google Doc & Doc to Word

Microsoft word and google Docs are two different tools to edit/ view documents. People nowadays moving from Microsoft word to google but you may need the doc file also for some reason. Let’s see how to convert word to google doc and google doc to Microsoft word. 

Fortunately, there is an option to import a word file from google doc and you can also download your google doc file as a word file. No third-party software or website will be needed for this task.

Convert Word to Google Doc

If you have a Microsoft word file and you want to convert it to a doc file or edit/view it on google doc then it’s very easy. There are multiple ways available for that.

Method 1:

Drag and drop the Microsoft word file to google drive.

  • Log in to your google account.
  • Go to google drive.

Google Drive Open

  • Drag and drop the file from your file explorer to your drive.

In this way, you will be able to convert word to google doc but that stays in only that particular account if you don’t share with anyone. 

Method 2:

Here is another proper way to convert into google doc.

  • Open google drive.
  • Click on “New>Google Doc”

Google doc blank document open

  • Select a blank template from here.
  • Go to “file>open” from the top menu or press shortcut “CTRL+O”.

New file open in google docx

  • Navigate to the “upload” tab and select a word file from your computer.

Google Doc word file upload

Convert Google Doc to Word

Google doc is a great tool to manage documents but if you want to portable version of a document, you have to convert it to Microsoft Word. 

Here how you convert google Docs to Microsoft word and open it on Microsoft office application.

  • Open the doc file you want to convert.
  • Navigate to “File>Download>Microsoft Word (Docx)” and the file will start downloading automatically on your device.

google doc to microsoft word convert


Is there any free tool available for convert word to google doc?

There is no such format of google doc file. It supports all the text documents from all formats. You can’t have a specific google doc format that you can use. 

What other formats I can convert my google doc into?

You can convert your google doc to Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, text, and many other formats. 


These two tools are similar to use so anyone who can customize one of them can also customize the other one. You might need the Google Doc file or the Microsoft word file as a situation demand. It’s better to learn how to convert them easily. 

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