How to unshare a Google Doc – Remove User (All Devices)

We all use google doc as our document viewer for our office and personal work. Google docs give a lot of features that other document editing software can’t give. We do edit and view doc files a lot of time in a day and share that online to other people so they can see/ edit that file.

Sometimes the owner needs to remove an editor or viewer if the work is done or for some privacy reason. 

Many people don’t know how to unshare a google doc and remove access to a user. Well, this job is really simple and won’t take a lot of time or compliancy as well.

Follow this simple trick to remove user access from a google doc or unshare a google doc.

How to unshare a google doc

You can use google doc from a PC device or a mobile app. All these devices allow you to control the access of a file that stays on your google drive. 

Unshare doc From PC

Follow these steps if you want to know how to unshare a google doc from PC/Computer.

  • Go to the document and right-click on it.

google doc remove access option

  • Click the share button from the menu.
  • If you already opened the document then click on the Share button from the top right.
  • You will see all the accessible user for the document.
  • Click on the editor/commentator area.

Google Doc unshare option

  • You will see the remove option there.
  • So you can simply remove the user and even make him the owner of the document also.

After you do that, your file will be successfully unshared and you can control your privacy for the file as well.

Unshare a doc from Mobile

Mobile devices are more handy to operate and manage google docs. iOS and android both has google drive app and you can remove access from mobile by knowing how to unshare google doc very easily.

here’s what you have to do

  • Open the google drive app.

Google apps and drive

  • Navigate to the file you want to open and click on the three-dot menu near it.

Doc file sharing option drive

  • Click on the “Share”  from the menu.

Remove access google doc drive mobile

  • You will get all the shared accounts and choose the account that you want to remove.

goole doc sharing option mobile

  • Click the user role from here.

Google Doc Unshare Mobile

  • Tap one “Remove” to remove the user and unshare the google doc.

goole doc sharing option mobile

That’s how you unshare a google doc using any mobile device also.


People usually share documents for official work or some helping hand in the work. When you find no benefits in sharing a document and it’s just taking your privacy then remove the access. 

You can remove all the other google docs like google sheets, google slide user access in the same way. All those doc files have the same sharing option which allows you to share and unshare document. 

This is one of the leading features that google is providing but other document editor companies don’t.  

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