How to Change Profile Picture on Spotify instantly

Spotify is one of the leading music platforms. It’s giving a huge competition to its competitor. Other music playing platform like google play, youtube music is behind Spotify. Shoukhin tech will show you how to change profile picture on Spotify from all devices. 

In this digital world, you need to have an identity for every individual app and website. It’s necessary to have an account on any digital platform. When it’s come to music playing platform, the need for an account become more. 

An account will help you manage the playlist and other things. A profile picture is one of the most important documents for your identity. It will be great if you insert a profile picture of your own in your Spotify account and other accounts as well.

How to change profile picture on Spotify

You can access your Spotify account with any smart devices and all those have the same profile picture for your account. If you change the profile image from one device, the others will be updated automatically. Let’s start with one by one.

Android App Method

how to put a profile picture on spotify playlist

Many people use only android devices to listen to music on Spotify because it’s very handy and a lot of people don’t like to listen to music on a computer.

There is no way you can change the profile picture directly from your android device. Follow these tricks to know how to change profile pictures on Spotify with the android devices easily. 

  • Download the Spotify app from google play store.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to settings from the top right corner.
  • Click on “Connect to Facebook” from here.
  • Grant permission to access your Facebook data.
  • It won’t harm your FB account, don’t worry.
  • After connecting Facebook, it will automatically update your Spotify profile picture from FB. 

Facebook is the only way to add and change profile pictures on Spotify from the android app. This app doesn’t allow you to do it directly.

If you ever want to remove the profile picture then simply disconnect the Facebook account and it will stop taking the picture from Facebook.

PC Method

how to change profile picture on spotify web player

Spotify users who listen to music from PC and want to know how to change profile picture on Spotify using a PC or computer need to read this. 

The benefit of using Spotify on PC is, you can change the profile picture directly without any hesitation. All you need to follow these steps.

  • Download and open the Spotify app on PC.
  • Sign in to your Spotify account.
  • Click on your name from the top.
  • Click on the change button near your name and it will open windows explorer.
  • Select the photo you want to put as a profile picture on Spotify and click “open”.

That’s it. your profile picture will be changed on Spotify.  You can try a web browser on PC also to perform this action. 

how to change profile picture on spotify android


What Image Formates ar Supported on Spotify?

Use JPEG/PNG images to change your profile picture on Spotify. Try to put the good quality of images for a clear profile picture.


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