How to Flip an Image in Google Docs Instantly

As you reach here looking for how to flip an image in google docs, Shoukhintech will provide you solution for that so you can do it easily and instantly.  After this article, you will be able to control your image in google docs like a pro. People often search for the flipping images in a google doc or how to mirror text in google docs but didn’t get that.  Here are the solutions with the image guide.

Google documentation software like google docs, google sheets, Google slides is getting popular day by day. People are switching from Microsoft office to google for their daily work because of many benefits.

How to Flip an Image in Google Docs

Follow these actions step by step to flip the image. For more simplicity, we are providing a photo tutorial so it would be easier for you.

  1. Open an image in google docs or select an image of a doc file by clicking on it.

 how to flip an image in word   2. Copy the image by right click on it. You will see a copy button there.

3. As the image is copied on your clipboard, Go to Insert > drawing > New from to top menu.

4. A blank page will appear and you have to paste the image here. Get the paste option by right-clicking on the blank area.

4. After you paste the image, Select the image and navigate to Action > Rotate > Flip Horizontally/ Flip Vertically

flip image in google docs

5.  Now click on “Save and Close” to save the action and you will get the flipped image in your google docs. 

Following these actions will let you know how to flip an image in google docs. 

Why use google docs instead of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft word is a software that needs to be installed on your PC for editing your document and it’s required a decent processor to run. This is a paid software so you need to pay to get the feature of it.

On the other hand, Google Docs is software based on your web browser so you can access it with any browser using your Google account. Google docs are totally free to use and secure as well.

Can I flip the text as well?

The flipping text document is also possible, if you are interested then let us know in a comment so we can write another article about flipping or mirroring text in google docs.


People from every sector are moving to online day by day so you need to learn all these things so you can stay with them and give them competition as well. Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world so learning google software is necessary and easy.

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