How to Download Image from Google Docs to Computer

Google Docs is a service that is getting popular day by day. Text documents can create/edit/view by this. It’s a good alternative to Microsoft word. You can insert images, tables and many other things in the document. But is it possible to download image from google docs? Microsoft word let you download image to your computer but it’s a little bit difficult to find out this option in google docs. You won’t find any direct downloading option for an image here. You have to use a simple trick to download an image from google doc.

Every product of google is very trusted and reliable. Google doc is a simple document maintain service by google that has all the feature that similar application has. Basically you can customize your document as you want with google docs. It’s free to use in every operating system. A internet connection is all you  need for using google docs.

Directly downloading images is not possible from google docs. You won’t find the “Save image as” option from the real image on google docs. Use this simple trick to download an image from any google document.

  • Open the google doc file in your browser.
  • Select the photo by clicking on that you wanted to download from google docs.
  • Then right-click on it.
download an image from google docs shoukhintech 2
  • Click on “Save to Keep”.
  • Google  Keep will popup in the right sidebar of your screen. 
  • You can see the image from here.
  • Right-Click on the image from the keep sidebar.
  • “Save image as” Option will be appearing there.
  • Save the photo now wherever you want.
download an image from google doc shoukhintech

In that way, You will be able to save any image from google docs. If there is no real image but only an image link available on the document, you can still download that in the same way.

Why Google Docs is Better?

Google docs are fully free to use and you don’t need to download any extra application to use it. Any internet browser can run google docs if your google account is signed in the browser. You must have a google account to use services from google like Google docs, Google slides, Google sheets and many more. No real storage needed to save these documents on your computer.  Google Drive gives you 15GB storage to save anything you want. You can access this data from anywhere in the world.

You can share a google docs file by a link. You don’t have to share the soft file to anyone. Privacy is also an important benefit of google docs. Download image from google docs might be not easy for you but all the other features are far better on it. Microsoft word and all the other alternatives for google docs are quite heavy software to install on a computer.  Google services are not required to install on your device.


What will be the quality of the downloaded image from google docs?

Ans: The quality of the image won’t be decreased. The regulation of the downloaded image will be the same. The name of the image will be also the same. That means you will get the exact same image that was being uploaded on google docs. 

How many images can be downloaded in this way?

Ans: Multiple images can be downloaded in the same way. There is no limit on downloading the image. There is no count of it. Follow the same way to download image from google docs for all the images. Save more than 1 image at a time and download them one by one from google keep. Remember to remove those images from google keeps after you download them otherwise it will be saved there forever. 

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Google document is easy to customize for anyone. It has a very basic user interface and commands. Documents can be customized from basic to advance level on google docs. No activation or license key needed to access google docs. A lot of extensions is available on google docs to customize it but none of them will help you to download image from google docs. You have to follow these steps to do that work.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video to know about how download image from google doc. Hope you will be able to do that after watching the  video and reading the article.

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