How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

We spend a lot of time on different social media. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. People create accounts here and communicate with each other.  But how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram. Is there any way to find out? Yes, there are multiple ways to know if anyone blocked you on Instagram in 2020. These tricks are very simple and you can use it if you don’t have the Instagram app or mobile. Computers also can be used to know that.

Instagram doesn’t send you a notification when someone blocked you. You might not see any post or story from a specific person for a long time and curious about that. All the activities of the person who blocked you won’t appear on your feed of Instagram. If you are doubting that if he blocked you on Instagram or not, try these methods to find out. 

How to Know if Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Find out your blocked status for all the people using this trick. All these methods will work to know is someone blocked you. It’s very easy to find out that information but there is no official option for that.

Following Button Action

If you can go the profile of the person whom you suspect to block you, you can easily know that. Instagram won’t let you follow the person who blocked you but the follow button will be available there. Click on the follow button. If the button turns into following then the person won’t block you but if you are not able to follow the person and it’s always remaining “Follow” then the person blocked you on Instagram.

This process is a little bit risky because if the person not blocked you and you start following him then he will get a notification. He might understand that you are stalking him/her. 

Message Option

Sending a new text message is possible to the person who blocked you but it won’t reach him/her. Go to the profile of that person whom you suspect. You will see the message button on his/ her profile if the profile is not private. Only public profiles allow you to send messages even if you are not following them. The message button will not available if he/she blocked you on Instagram.

To confirm that he/she blocks you, go to an Instagram group where both are members. If you are able to see her messages in the group but not in private then she has blocked you on Instagram.  The group messages will also disappear if the person deactivates his/her account or gets suspended.

Use Web Browser

This method is only available if you have remembered the username for the account you suspect. Follow these steps to have the full guide of how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

  • Open a web browser from a PC or mobile.
  • Enter the URL “”.
  • Replace the “username” with the actual username of the suspect.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your Instagram account.
  • If it shows “Sorry. This page is not available” then he/she might block you on Instagram.

This could also happen if the account of the person is deactivated or suspended. You can try from some other person’s account and if the account of the suspect is alright in another account then he/she blocked you. Don’t use lite browsers on phone to do this because lite browsers can’t load Instagram pages properly. Use google chrome for the best experience.

Profile Information

Instagram doesn’t delete the comment and tags of a person after he/she blocked you. You can go to their account by there if the search is not working. If you see the post count on his/her profile but not the posts or all showing 0 then he/she blocked you on Instagram.

Some people care about their privacy and hide some information on Instagram. Don’t get curious about how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram in that case.

Use Another Instagram Account

The easiest way is to look for the account from another mobile or another account. Make sure that the account should not know by the suspected person. In that case, She might have blocked that account also. 

Go to the account using a different account and see if everything is usual or not. If the account is private then it will show ” This account is private” message but that’s ok. 


Can I see who blocks me from the Instagram story?

There is no way you can see who blocks you from Instagram’s story. The only one option is available to check that. Use an account from his/her follower list and check from there. So it’s  hard to get how to know if someone blocked you on instagram story.

Who can block you on Instagram?

Anyone who has an Instagram account can block you. No matter he follows you or not. Even you can block anyone you want. If you don’t like someone’s behavior or some private issue happens between you, you can block that person without notifying him.



Sometimes people deactivate their account or get suspended because of spamming or something. Without knowing that you thought that they blocked you and get curious to learn how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram. 

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