10 Best Paid Games for Android. Battle Games

Android is the best mobile operating system for gaming. It has a lot of games available on google play store. Most of them are free to download. There are some paid games also which is very interesting. So let’s get introduced with some best paid games for android. Popular games of android are popular but many of you don’t know that there are some very good paid games also available, You can have these games from google play directly or buy them from amazon. You will find all the categories of games here. Read the description from here about all best paid games and buy the right one.

The market for android phones is getting bigger day by day. Many gamers choosing mobile for their gaming platform. Android is the best option for mobile gaming. This operating system offers you the best free games and best android paid games as well. You will find an alternative for all of the paid games in google play store but there is always something missing in the free one.

If you have tried a lot of free games from google play and now you want to try something new then try these games. We have chosen the best paid games for android devices that help you to select. All the category of game is here so it will be easier for you to choose.

star wars shoukhintech best paid game android

01. Star Wars – Knights of the old republic

This is a star wars Franchise game that is being loved by a lot of people. The size of the game is very huge so make sure you have enough data pack or wifi available before you download the game. This game has very good graphics. It is a similar version of the PC and console version of this game. You can play this game on your android mobile if your mobile is well configured because this is a heavy game. The size of apk file is only 12MB but the data file is bigger.  The rating of this game is 4.3. This is one of the best paid games for android in the battle category.

modern combat 4 shoukhintech android games paid best

02. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

You may play modern combat games on your  PC or console. But the mobile version of this game is also very cool. You can play this game in high FPS if your android mobile supports. The Main APK size is only 27 MB but the data file is big enough. Modern Combat 4 is a game for high processing mobile.  Low configured mobile will lag by playing this game. 4.2 is the rating for this game. This is a war game that’s why you will get a lot of hype by playing this.

sky dancer shoukhintech android paid games

03. Sky Dancer Premium

Sky Dancer Premium is similar to the temple run game. You will get a lot of more features here. The graphics of this game are quite good. This is the best running android game for android. The cost of the game is not so much. This is a very affordable price game for most of the people. Get advance avatars by playing this game. You will get different sizes for this game for different devices. One thing you should remember before buying this game is, some glitches can be found when you play. It is different than all the other best paid games for android.

fruit ninja classic best paid games

04. Fruit Ninja Classic

You may played this game in old classic touch phone but it’s paid for android device. And it’s the best paid games for android in classic games. You have to cut the fruits that jump on the screen by swiping. There are some bombs are also jump in the screen that you should take care. Don’t cut the bomb otherwise you will get eliminate. This is a very fun game for baby and adults both. You will get many bonus feature while playing this game. This is the best paid games for android in classic category.

nova lagacy android paid games

05. N.O.V.A. Legacy

FPS is the most important thing for this game. Playing a game in high FPS gives you a very good experience of gameplay. Android mobiles are developing FPS now for mobile gamers.  Nova legacy can be played on very high FPS. This is a kind of alien-fighting game but this game doesn’t offer you battle royal.  This is one of the best paid Android shooting games. If you are a shooting game lover then you should try this once.

roller coaster android paid games

06. Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic

Here’s another classic paid game for you. Roller coaster games are quite popular among kids. Some adults also like these kinds of games. Controlling this game is very good. It is 65MB ins size and it has a 4.4-star rating in google play. There is a PC version of this game that is also available but this kind of game is fun playing on mobile devices. Different kind of roller coaster is available here and all the designs are good. 

shadow of death shoukhintech android games

07. Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Enjoy this beautiful story game in your android. It’s the best RPG game for Android devices. RPG games are very popular nowadays. Find new enemies on every new level of this game. You have to fight with a shadow. Many shadow fight games are available on google play but this one is the best. 105MB is the size of the game and the rating of the game is really high. People who played this game are very satisfied that’s why it’s in the list of best paid games for android.

assassins creed shoukhintech android games paid

08. Assassin's Creed Identity

Assassin’s creed is also a pc game that has an android version. Some people don’t have a PC but still want to play this kind of game. They can buy this game from google play. The story of the game is big and very interesting. The APK file of this game is 69MB. Simulator games like this is very rare. Assassin’s creed is the best simulator game in android.

dead effect 2 android games shoukhintech

09. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is known for its graphics and sound effect. The story of the game is also very good. You have to fight with multiple enemies at a time in this game. You will get to choose between 3 characters on dead effect 2.  A lot of gun skin available here but you have to earn them by playing. Upgrading weapons will let you play the game more easily. 

suzy cube shoukhintech android game paid

10. Suzy Cube

Suzy cube is the best android paid 3D game. It has a very simple design that’s why children love this game. The 3D graphics of it are really impressive. Developers of the game work so much on the design of it. It’s a very lightweight game. Almost all Android devices can run this game easily.


What is the FPS in gaming Games?

The full form of FPS is Frame Per Second. It means how much frame change in the display every second. The high FPS you get in gaming, the more good experience you get. The latest Android mobile has 120 FPS which is quite good for mobile gaming.

What is Classic Games?

Some games are very simple and low animated. These games don’t have a story mode. You may find some level in these games. Mostly children’s play this kind of games but adults also like it.

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