Snapchat Camera Not Working! Fix The Problem Now!

Snapchat is mainly a video-based social media app, people use the camera in the app to create their videos. So the app handling more activities on the camera than other functions, Many users have been experiencing camera issues with this app for the last few days.

Snapchat Camera Not Working problem gives a pure blank screen when trying to open the camera, and this is a common thing, you can fix it by following some ways.

Ways to Fix Snapchat Camera Issues:

In fact, there are many ways to solve the problem, but the most effective means you can uninstall and reinstall, clear cache, check permission, checking the internet connection, and so on!

So in this comprehensive tutorial, we’re going to give you an in-deep guide on how you can fix your Snapchat camera not working problem. Before we go, You need to know the reasons behind this problem, let’s clear it!

Why does my camera not work on Snapchat?

Snapchat officially made a big announcement on Twitter and said that there was a camera issue in their last update but they did not provide any specific solution.

However, from the Snapchat forum, it is known that this problem can be due to multiple reasons. This issue may occur if you move from a WiFi network to mobile data while using the app.

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Also, the use of multiple apps on mobiles causes a variety of bugs, But everyone blames the first problem as the main reason, yes, network line changing!

How to Fix “Snapchat Camera Not Working” error

#Clear App Cache & Data!

This is not only the case with this app but you can also use this method when you face various problems in any app. It is so simple to do, just go to your setting page on your android phone, scroll down and click an option called “App Management”

how to fix Snapchat Camera Not Working problem

And find out the Snapchat app from the list,

snapchat camera not opening error

After going to the next page, click on the Storage option.

Snapchat Camera Not Working error problem solved

Now click on the option called “Clear data” it will take a few seconds to clear the complete cache from the app.

clear cache to fix snapchat camera error

When it’s done, now you can open your Snapchat app again and see the camera, If the problem is not solved yet, you can take the next step,

#Check Your Internet Connection

If you facing this problem while your phone has a WiFi network, try resolving the issue by opening Mobile Data. or if you facing the issue while your mobile data is on, try resolving the problem by connecting the mobile to a wifi network.

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#Uninstall & Reinstall The App:

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app from your mobile can help you to work your Snapchat’s camera again. So why not resort to this simple method at least once? If the problem is not solved after doing so much, then follow the next step,

#Check App Camera Permission

You may have accidentally set the camera access deadline when opening the app, you can check the camera permission from your permission manager setting.

To check the thing, go to setting, find an option called apps and press the 3-dots icon, and hit the button there. Open the permission manager.

After that, find the “Camera” setting and click on it, now you should see your Snapchat app camera permission setting. So click on it and allow it to access your camera!


At the ending moment of finding the suitable methods for solving the “Snapchat Camera Not Working Issue”, We hope you will solve your problem through the methods shown today. If you have any questions you can let us know in the comment box below!

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