How to Increase Snapchat Score? Effective Ways To Improve!

Snapchat is one of my favorite social media apps for messaging and stay connected with my friends and family members. but it can be said that the main feature of Snapchat is its short video making feature.

What’s the uniqueness? Yes, The Snapchat Score, Snapchat’s scoring feature further encourages its users to use the app, people always try to increase Snapchat score.

Snapchat has a lot of features like other social media platforms, but if you purely compared Snapchat to others, you can easily understand that Snapchat is a bit unique from others.

But you know what? user go the illegal method to develop their Snapchat scores and fall asleep with zero points at the end of the day, This is a sad thing for a social media user. But don’t worry, today I’m here to help you with a complete guide on how you can increase your Snapchat Score by following some tips.

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Before I go to the in-deep tutorial, the first thing you may need to know about what is Snapchat score. So let’s clear it below!

What is The Snapchat Score?

According to the official news of Snapchat, the Snapchat score is the combined number of a user snaps that a user has sent and received from others. A user can get one point for every snap they send a point for every snap they receive.

How to Increase Snapchat Score

Know-How Does Your Snapchat Score Work?

Based on my hard work, I’ve found some facts about the Snapchat score calculation algorithm. To understand these things, you don’t need to know any rocket science.

These are:

  • When you post a story on your profile, you’ll get a specific number of points based on your profile activities.
  • Receiving & Sending a snap.
  • Accurately Managing your Snap Streaks with your friends can add some score.
  • If you not using your Snapchat app for a while and want to start using the app from now, you can get some bonus points for your back to the app.

The Best & Effective Ways To Increase Snapchat Score Quickly and Easily:

#1. Don’t try to send a direct message to anyone by mistake:

You may love to send a direct message to anyone on your Snapchat app, but do you know this thing is not suitable for getting a score on your Snapchat profile?  so try to avoid it from now.

#2. Try To Open Your Unread Snap:

Maybe someone posted you a Snap a long time ago and you didn’t get a chance to open it by confusion, here is the point is, do you know that opening an unread snap can help you to get a specific number of a score? If you don’t know, then right now go to your snap list and find out the unread snaps and open them.

Note: if you open your unread snaps, you can get a score, but replying to any unread snap will not help you to get any extra scores.

#3. Try To Send More Often:

Want to get more points? Sending more often snap can one of the biggest chances to achieve more and more snap. You can get one score/point for every single snap you send to your friends or family members.

I’ll suggest you make this practice regularly, but if you’re a lazy person like me, then you may not be able to do this 🙁

#4. Add Snaps to Your Story:

This great opportunity is almost forgotten by all the users of Snapchat, I’m not saying 100% users, just saying Maximum! Although some people have made it a part of their lives to add stories to Snapchat, some people find it very difficult to do so!

The principal logic for this may be that it is a bit time consuming for them, at the end of the day, those who can add the most stories to get the highest score!

#5. Find friends and add them to your Snapchat profile:

When you just start using your Snapchat app, you can apply this strategy to get more scores. You’ll get one point for each friend request or when you send a friend request to anyone!

Note: This tactic will only work when you are new to this app, but there are some limitations, which are that you will not get any points when you send a friend request to a celebrity. Because celebrities are more honorable than you! Please don’t take it badly. Here I tried to present the truth 🙂

#6. Refrain from Snapchat for a while:

You may be a little surprised to hear, To believe it, you must know that Snapchat is very polite, They love their users a lot and try to keep the users in their app. But if for some reason someone suddenly stops using their app and re-enters his account after a while, they encourage that user by giving point.

Users believe that this is the perfect alternative to get more scores, but you have to be careful when you try it again and again, Otherwise, you may lose your account!


At the end of the guide on how to increase Snapchat Score, it can be said that increasing Snapchat Score on your Snapchat app is not any hard thing, you can improve your points by following and maintaining some facts on the app.

If you do not use your account properly, you can run into many problems to increase the score quickly, so without your good activity on Snapchat, Good scoring cannot be expected.

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