How to Stop Wi-Fi from Turning off Automatically Android? Easy Way to Follow!

Think you are downloading something from the internet using your Wi-Fi line and suddenly your Wi-Fi turning off, how will you feel then? You will not like the subject at all! That’s why today I’m going to share with you some of my secret tips and tricks on how to stop Wi-Fi from turning off automatically android.

Before I go, remember that this is a common problem faced by a lot of android users, the users who already faced the same problem got their solution by following some easy tricks.

So if you’re looking for a complete guide where you want to get a complete solution on how to stop Wi-Fi from turning off automatically android, then all you need to do is just follow these steps carefully!

Why is Stopping Wi-Fi from turning off automatically so important?

Well, some people love to play and watch the video directly from YouTube and other sites, some people love to watch video after downloading.

So if you’re the second one, you may need to download a large size file from the internet, now the point is, do you want to face any disconnecting problem during your download?

If you do not want, then you may need to fix your problem and it’s too important for android users.

Why your Wi-Fi turning off automatically?

This type of well-known issue can be caused in many ways if your hardware is not suitable for your phone’s config, this problem can be found in your device. If you’re using any additional software, this problem also can be found.

In addition to these, there might be many more factors for this problem, so let’s fix your problem with my first way that is so simple!

Way No #1: Android Factory Reset:

Do you want to make your phone new? It can be done with a simple step and this way also can solve your Wi-Fi turning off issue. All you need to do is open your android phone, click your phone setting icon and search for the factory reset option or directly to the option,

Phone Setting> Backup & Reset>Factory Data Reset

Just click on the Reset phone and then the phone will automatically get started resetting your phone. When the phone reset is done, you’ll need to set up some initial things, no worry, the process is simple!

Notes: before resetting your phone make sure you have transferred all your important information from your phone to any external device or storage. (Most people forget it and Regret it at the end of their phone resetting)

Way No #2: Install a Reliable Anti-Virus App

If you’re a little bit confused about your phone and think your phone had been attacked by any viruses and malware which has caused this problem of your Wi-Fi, then you’ll need to install an anti-virus app that you believe.

Way No #3: Try To update all Your Phone’s Apps

Maybe you didn’t like the previous two methods I gave you and if you are looking for some more way to stop Wi-Fi turning off automatically then you can try this way at least once.

Updating all the app installed on your phone is another option to rectify the issue. Sometimes some of your installed apps may affect the working of your phone’s Wi-Fi adapter.

The written reasons were hardware problems or app issues. But what if your phone backgrounds do not allow your Wi-Fi adapter to serve perfectly.

Sometimes the android system fails to work accurately because of some carelessness. Default settings normally make issues in the conventional functioning of devices.

If these methods would be enough for you to solve your problem perfectly, then you can just follow one of them! But if unfortunately, these ways will not be useful for you, you have to understand more about it, so now I’m going to share with you some additional ways to solve why does your Wi-Fi keeps turning off automatically in android.

More Way to solve why does your Wi-Fi keep turning off:

Android has been changing its version at different times, for the different version of it’s, you’ll need different steps to solve the issue of automatically Wi-Fi line turning off.

If you’re using android V2.3 and facing the same problem on your mobile, you can also solve your problem by following these simple steps,

How to Stop Wi-Fi from Turning off Automatically in Android V2.3?

Knowing the answer for v2.3 might be quite strange for people. People might think that no one is currently using the 2.3 version of android, if you’re one of them who think that, you might be the wrong person because there may be someone among us who currently using the 2.3 version of android and facing some issue in their device related to Wi-Fi.

So let’s give you a short guide on how you can solve your Wi-Fi from Turning Off problem very easily.

The first step you’ll need to take is to go to your android setting window, once you have clicked the window you need to find out a text called Wi-Fi setting and click on it.

Now find out the 3 dots icon that you’ll find on the right corner of setting, and after clicking the dots icon, you’ll see advanced text, click on the text, you’ll see some options like Wi-Fi sleep and from there you’ll require to alter the time.

I hope, if somebody follows these complete steps carefully, anyone can solve their problem in just a few seconds. This was a guide for only the users who are using the android oldest version v2.3. Now I’m going to tell you the answer to the problem for the users who are using the 3.0 and above version of android.

How to Solve Wi-Fi from Turning Off in Android v3.0 and above?

Click on your setting icon or search for your setting page by using your app searching feature, once you have clicked the setting button, you’ll see several options, now find out an option called Wireless Networks that will allow you to change the setting.

This is not the final option where you can change setting to solve your issue on your android phone, you have to find out one more option called Advanced where you can alter the Wi-Fi sleep settings.

If you’re an ideal android user and looking for a complete guide and tutorial on how to stop Wi-Fi from turning off automatically in android.


Automatically Wi-Fi turning off problem means you’re facing a very critical problem when you’re browsing online or downing something from the internet. So before going to any local android expert, you may want to search online to get any solution for the problem you have.

This guide is all about how to stop Wi-Fi from turning off automatically, follow the step by step guide that I’ve mentioned at the top of the article. But if you facing any problem related to this, you can comment below, we’ll guide you as soon as possible.

Note: We’re a team of people making tutorials about how to relate things, if you love a tech-related blog and the solution to your problems, just follow our blog regularly.

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