How to Clear Discord Chat? Deleting Discord Message is Easy!

There is no doubt that Discord is one of the landing apps for easy communication with your family and friends! Although there are a lot of online communication apps available in the market, however, Discord is going faster for its easy and simple user-interface.

But did you know how to clear discord chat? I’m sure you’re not because normally you don’t need to delete messages all the time. But if you want to become an expert in this app, you might be interested to know how you can clear discord chat.

This comprehensive post is all about this topic where you’ll not only learn how you can delete chats in discord but also you’ll learn some tips that will help you become a professional user in Discord application.

Requirements for deleting chat in Discord:

The first thing that you’ll need to have is the right account, the way I’m going to share with you would be safe even if you’re using multiple accounts on your computer or mobile phones.

Get Discord chat on your device: Download link for all devices

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Different Types of Message in Discord:

I’ve found there are two types of messages in the app, direct and channel messages. The direct message means users will be able to talk to each other and the channel message means a group where lots of people can join and communicate with each other.

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Is it possible bulk deleting in Discord?

The answer is “No” this feature is not available at this time, nor is your private message or not in your channel message. also, It’s impossible to delete the channel chat by your group admins, but you can delete your private message one by one. And your channel message too. (Even after being so tied up, there are some ways to do it, just keep reading this post! I promised I would show you that)

How to Clear Private Message in Discord?

If I’m being honest, there is no chance to purely clear your private chat in your app, but there is also a chance to remove your chat clone, which means once you’ve removed the chat, you can’t see your message again. But the message will be available to see to the other person you’re chatting with.

How to Clear Private Chat in Discord?

it’s simple, let’s show you how! follow my way to delete your private text.

Step #1: Open your discord account, and also open the private chat you want to remove from your chat panel.

Step #2: conform which single message you would like to remove, then follow my #3 step below:

Step #3: find out three dots icon on the right side of the text message,

Step #4: The small window will display so many options to take action, to remove the selected chat, hover over an option called “Delete Message”.

After clicking the option, the system will show you a confirmation popup box to tell you you’re going to delete the message, so agree with the action and click delete.

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This action will only delete the single-line text, and this is the legal way. but if you want to remove your chat in a bulk, you may require to get help from any third party tool like a bot.

Now make your decision, do you want to use a bot? If yes, then I’ll suggest you try a bot called MEE6.

Let’s show you how!

The Simple Way to Removing Private and Channel Chats by Using a Bot in Discord:

Step #1: First, open your browser and type MEE6 or directly go to the website (, at the website’s slider option, there is an option called “Add to Discord” click on it and the action will show you a pop-up box where you’ll be required to provide get access to your discord account, that means you’ll need to log in to your account.

Step #2: Now at this point, select the channel you would like to add the MEE6 bot to. Remember you must be the owner/administrator of the channel to authorize the third party bot.

Now with just a simple click, Authorize the selected server with the bot. after adding the bot, The work does not end here 🙁

You’ll need to set up some basic things in the setting panel from your MEE6 account,

Note: You can’t do these from your Discord account.

Step #3: from the control panel, enable the clear command from the top of the MEE6 setting page. selecting the server you added MEE6 to and then Pressing Enable on Moderator.

Step #4: After enabling this setting, add any specific roles you would like to allow access to moderator commands under the setting of the “moderator roles” header. the administrator role,  and by default your server owner role will be enabled automatically.

Your primary setup of adding a bot in your account has been finished now, But the time for the last breath has not yet come, the final and most enjoyable things are waiting for you!

Removing Previous Messages using MEE6 Bot!

You’ve completely added the bot and want to delete your chat, okay, just hold your keyboard in your hand and type !clear command to delete your previous chats, Remember it, “clear 10” will just help you to delete your 10 previous chats.

Don’t worry, some other commands will give you so many chances to delete up to 1000 chats that a user has sent, just type !clear 100, or !clear 1000.

Remember, it has a limitation of deleting chats over 1000 in a single action, you can just enter any number between 1 and 100-1000 in !clear command. In my personal opinion, the bot should offer more than 5000 message-deleting powers in one action. I hope this feature will be available in the future!

Why You Should Use a Bot in Discord to Delete Chats?

Using a bot to remove your channel message is not a required thing, but if you want to do this thing in a fast way, there is no way without using a discord bot.

And when it comes to using a bot, the first option would be MEE6, this is one of the well-known and most used discord bot employed by so many discord users for a long time.

How to Recover Deleted Messages in Discord App?

If you’re one of those people who accidentally delete their important messages again and again then you might be interested to know about how you can recover your deleted chat in your account.

Recovering all of your cleared chat in discord is not a simple task, it might be a tactical thing for you if you’re a non-techie. Discord officially declared that they don’t support this feature in their server.

Users can’t recover their chat, but there are still some ways to make you happy, yes! I’ve some methods to recover your chat. Let’s show you how!

Before deleting any single line of your chat, you can use a discord bot that will store all of your text messages or take screenshots as soon as an inappropriate chat appears.

Assuming you’re working hard to report on the app server, you’ll require proof of that conversation to carefully email the support department.

I’ll not show you this process in this post, just follow this site, I’ll publish an article on it.

FAQ’s about how to clear discord chat

Now let me tell you some short and common questions that most users don’t know,

1. How do you mass delete chats in discord?

there is not any simple method to mass delete chats in your discord account, the only way to do this is to use a bot, MEE6 would be a better option for you if you want a simple bot for that. just go to the site, give access, set up some settings, and make your work done!

2. What happens if you close a discord DM?

if you close or remove any chats on discord, the message will just be removed from your list of chats, your recipient can see your chats unless they choose to remove them.

3. How long does it take discord to delete an account?

Unluckily, Whether it is a new or old account, your account deletion can take up to 14-30 working days, if you’re serious about deleting your account and facing some problems, you can contact the discord team via this email address:

4. Are MEE6 bots free?

Yes! that is why I love it a lot. MEE6 bot is completely free to use in Discord.


I finally got to see the end of this long night :), and I hope you’ve got these points step by step. To keep pace with the current time, you may found so many methods to do that, but the way I’ve shared with you was one of the easiest and fast ways.

You should keep your account safe and do this, Don’t overdo it so that your account has problems, last but not least, Discord doesn’t love their users use any third-party bot for that, so if you need to clear a few numbers of chats, you should do that manually although it takes a little more time.

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