5 Best Kids Digital Camera Review Under $50

Buying a usual camera might be easy but you have to keep a lot of things in mind before you buy one for your kids. A lot of trusted companies manufacture cameras but those are only for adults. Finding a kids digital camera is harder than you think. Digital cameras are one of the most favorite toys for children under 12-15 age. Handling a usual camera for any kid is difficult and risky.  Little kids are not able to click photos from those cameras and also can cause physical damage.

Parents always look for a digital camera for their kids that is durable enough.  Kids can drop the camera here and there so it has to be strong enough to bear this. The look of the digital camera has to be attractive so kids have fun while using it. A casual looking camera can grab the attraction of an adult but a  kid doesn’t find it interesting. Here we got some digital cameras for twins also so siblings won’t fight with each other for the camera.

Budget is an important issue for buying a camera for your children. People want to buy a digital camera at an affordable price with the best specification. We will introduce you with some kids digital camera that can click high-quality photos within the budget of $50 on amazon. Our job is to Showing you the best camera reviews for your kids.

Top 5 Best Kids Digital Cameras

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Ourlife Kids Camera, Selfie Waterproof Action Child CamerasOurlife Kids Camera, Selfie Waterproof Action Child Cameras

  • Waterproof

  • Best Specification

  • Large Display

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VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera, Amazon ExclusiveVTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera, Amazon Exclusive

  • Dual Camera

  • Built-in Games

  • USB Sharing

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ieGeek Kids Digital Camera, 2.8 Inches Front and Rear Dual Camera 8.0MPieGeek Kids Digital Camera, 2.8 Inches Front and Rear Dual Camera

  • Big Memory

  • Dual Camera

  • Portable

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MagicFun 24MP Kid Digital Camera GiftsMagicFun 24MP Kid Digital Camera Gifts

  • HD Lens

  • Big Display

  • Additional Features

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Digital Camera HD 1080P Vlogging Camera 30 MP Mini Camera.Digital Camera HD 1080P Vlogging Camera 30 MP Mini Camera

  • High Zooming

  • High Resolution

  • Lightweight

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Ourlife Kids Camera, Selfie Waterproof Action Child Cameras

01. Ourlife Kids Camera, Selfie Waterproof Action Child Cameras

One of the most loving kids digital cameras on Amazon. It can be a perfect gift for any children of 3-15 years old age. This one offers you to shoot photos from its 8MP camera and record video in full HD. The battery life of this camera is very satisfying. An action camera like this is the best kids digital camera because of it’s feature and design.

Waterproof: You get a waterproof case with this camera. Put the camera in the case when your children are playing with water or bathing in the pool up to 100ft.

Best Specification: Capturing High-quality photos and record full HD/30 FPS videos are possible with this camera. It has an 8MP camera that delivers high-resolution photos.

Large Display: Kids are always curious about what they are clicking on a digital camera. They can watch the videos and photos of the SD card on the big 2.4-inch large display of this kids digital camera.

Photo Frame: One of the exciting features of this camera is, It has 12 different frames for clicking photos and 7 frames for videos.

Big Battery: Use it for a long time after you fully charge the device once. It has a big battery life so a little boy/girl can use it for a few hours.

Warranty: 30 Days of money back and 12 month of service is available with this camera. You will get lifetime customer service support for this device.


  • Cool Design.
  • 2 Color option.
  • Waterproof.
  • After Sales Service.


  • Small in Size
VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera, Amazon Exclusive

02. VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera, Amazon Exclusive

This duo camera is one of the most selling kids digital camera on Amazon. Many people like this camera and rate this. The highlight of this camera is, it has an extra selfie camera. Taking own photo from a front camera makes children more excited about the camera. This one comes with some built-in favorite games for kids. 

Dual Camera: It has a front camera besides the main back camera which allows the kids the take selfie.

Built-in Games: 5 Different games are available on the device. You will get them in the device without any downloading process.

USB Sharing: This dual camera also allows you to share photos and media with other people using a USB cable.

Effects: The device provides you some cartoon effects to put on the photos. Click the photos in a more creative way with this camera.


  • Additional Selfie Camera.
  • 2.4 Inch Display.
  • USB Cable Option.
  • Classic Games.


  • Non-Rechargeable Battery.
ieGeek Kids Digital Camera, 2.8 Inches Front and Rear Dual Camera 8.0MP

03. ieGeek Kids Digital Camera, 2.8 Inches Front and Rear Dual Camera

ieGeek kids camera is also let you take a selfie with its front camera. The main feature of this camera is big storage. This one has 32GB SD card support to click a lot of photos. 8MP of the camera gives the user more high resolution of photos. This camera is good for kids of 4-15 years ages. Kids of long height can also use this camera because it can tolerate drop.

Big Memory: This camera come with a big memory of 32GB so you can store a lot of photos and videos at the same time in the device.

Dual Camera: Both sides of this camera has a camera so you can take selfies and other photos with different cameras.

Portable: The built of the camera is quite strong but light. This helps you to carry the digital camera anywhere.

Additional Features: Some more features of this camera might excite your kids. It has a time-lapse recording system that allows a kid to make funny fast motion videos. The back camera comes with a 4x zoom feature and more.


  • Time-Lapse Recording.
  • 4x Zoom Option.
  • Dual Camera
  • OTG Function.


  • Minimal Design.
MagicFun 24MP Kid Digital Camera Gifts

04. MagicFun 24MP Kid Digital Camera Gifts

A kids digital camera that comes with fully functional features and a big battery. This is the best resolution kids camera among all of the others.  24 MP of front and rear camera which can record 1920×1080 video. SD card of 32GB is helpful for capturing a lot of photos.

HD Lens: Resolution of every photo clicked by this camera will be 24 Million pixels and the videos will be full 1080p HD.

Big Display: A large 2.4 Inch display is quite good for a kids digital camera. Big screens attract the kids most.

Additional Features: Time-lapse, Autofocus mode, Stickers, Scene selection, and many more additional feature is available in this camera.


  • Big Battery.
  • Time Lapse.
  • Auto Focus.
  • 24 MP Dual Camera


  • Single Color Option.
Digital Camera HD 1080P Vlogging Camera 30 MP Mini Camera.

05. Digital Camera HD 1080P Vlogging Camera 30 MP Mini Camera

This camera is built for kids and adults both. A mini camera which included all the pro feature of a vlogging camera. Pexels of this camera are 30MP which is a very big number. The camera provides you 8x zoom and flashlight for batter photography.

High Zooming: The 8x zoom option of this camera can capture a photo from a very long distance. 

High Resolution: Primary 30 megapixels of the camera can capture a very high quality of photos.

Lightweight: Tiny camera is so small that it’s possible to carry this camera for every kid.


  • Tiny in Size.
  • Self Timer Options.
  • 8x Zoom.


  • No Wireless Charging.


What should I notice before buying a digital camera for kids?

A lot of things to notice before you buy kids’ digital camera. Kids are not that much sense to take care of an electric product. These are the things you need to notice

Durability is most important for a camera for kids because kids are likely to drop the camera anytime. A waterproof camera is a batter option for protection.

The big display attracts the kids and it is simple to operate a large screen camera. 

Usually, a kid takes a lot of photos. You find a lot of necessary and unnecessary photos on your children’s phone. They need big storage to store huge amounts of photos.

Why should I buy a digital camera for kids?

Everyone wants to keep good memories. Buying a kid digital camera for your children is a good option to store memories. They click the photo of their childhood and see them when they grow up. You can’t be always there for clicking photos for your kids.

A digital camera is a good toy for almost every kid. Kids like to take photos with the camera very much.

What is an important feature that kids digital cameras should have?

The sound effect of clicking photos makes every child excites. You should enable the feature on your child’s digital camera.

Selfie cameras help a kid to take his own photo which kids find very interesting.


A digital camera is good for people of all ages. Not only adults but kids also have an interest in clicking photos.  The variety of cameras is different for adults and kids. Choose the best camera for your kid and make every moment of their life remembered.

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