How To Check How Long You’ve Been Subscribed To Someone On Youtube?

Youtube made our life easier, especially to learn something faster. But if you’re a regular youtube user, you may ask an uncommon question,

How To Check How Long You’ve Been Subscribed To Someone On Youtube? If this question is asked by you and you are looking for a guide about the topic, all you need to do is just stay connected with the page.

Because here we’re going to cover the most useful method to find out how long you’ve been subscribed on someone’s channel.

But before we jump into the main part, let us tell you some of the basic things about the YouTube subscription.

What is The YouTube Subscription?

Every channel on youtube has a subscription system that allows users to enable a notification system and when a user of that channel enables the subscribe option, the user will be notified when the channel publishes any new video.

After the latest update of YouTube, Users can turn on and off notifications for their subscribed channels.

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How to check how long you have subscribed to someone on YouTube?

It’s not possible to check the thing by only using the youtube app or website, you have to use a third-party app to view the channels.

For this tutorial, we’re going to use one of the most popular tools called xxluke. We have found this tool very helpful and easy to use.

Before we show you the steps, you’ll need to change some settings on your youtube app or website.

Keep All Your Subscriptions Private to Public

If you want to see the subscript history, the first thing you’ll require to change is this. By default, your setting of this option might be private, if so, you need to change the setting private to public.

To change it, follow the guide below.

How to Make My Youtube Subscription Public?

  • First, open your youtube app
  • Go to the setting
  • From there, select the privacy
  • If you notice that the default checkmark is enabled, simply disable the button, it will make your subscription public.

Once it’s done, go to your youtube app and click on your channel, there you can see all the channels you already subscribed to.

The first part is completed! Now you’re going to use the tool to find out the history, to do that,

  • Open your favourite browser on your computer, you can also use your phone’s browser.
  • Type xxluke or directly paste the URL of this website into the search box (
  • Now you have to go to the channel’s URL you want to check your subscription history.
  • For example, open your browser and search for the channel. Once you find it, click on the channel and copy the URL from the top of your search box.
  • Paste the URL into xxluke’s search box and hit enter.
  • If everything goes well, there you’ll be able to see all the details about your subscription and many other things.
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FAQ Section;

#1: How do you find out when you first subscribed to someone?

We’re sorry to let you that currently there is no way to find out when you first subscribed to someone on youtube, however, you can use xxluke to see your subscription details.

#2: When you subscribe to someone on YouTube do they know?

Yes, when you subscribe to any channel, the channel owner automatically gets a notification that lets the admin see their latest subscribers in a list view.

#3: Are subscriptions free on YouTube?

Subscription is free, but youtube also has a plan that you’ll need to pay $4.99 per month to buy it. With this plan, you’ll get exclusive content and an ad-free video watching experience.

#4: How to See My Subscriber on My Youtube Channel?

You can see all the subscribers on your channel by opening your youtube studio, from new to old, you can view them in a list way.

#5: How do I email a YouTube channel?

If you want to connect with any youtube channel’s admin, one of the most effective ways is using the email address, to find the email, go to the channel and click on the about tab, where you can see the email address and social media links as well.

#6: How do I reach YouTube support?

If you have any trouble with your channel and need help, you can reach youtube support by sending an email, but youtube suggest first seeing their community help center to find the solution to your issue, but if you find the right answer, then try sending an email.

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#7: Should I use my personal email for YouTube?

It will depend on your needs if your youtube channel is all about your personal life and events, using a personal email will be good, but if you publish videos for any business purpose, It’s good to use a business email.

#8: Should I use my real name on YouTube?

If you want to present yourself as a real person, you should use your real name, using other names will make you a fake person, which is not desirable.

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After a lot of research, we have only found one way to check this thing, however, hopefully, we’ll find another way in the future.

So at the end of the guide about How To Check How Long You’ve Been Subscribed To Someone On Youtube, if you’re facing any issue with this topic, let us know by the comment box below!