[11 Working Ways] How To Connect iPhone To Samsung Smart Tv Via Bluetooth?

Statistically, everyone likes the iPhone and its screen, but some people want to watch their iPhone screen as a movie house, that’s good, but what’s the solution? We will tell you with confidence that You can connect your iPhone to any of your smart TVs via Bluetooth.

But today we will give more priority to Samsung because we know you have a Samsung smart TV that’s what your mind wants to connect to your iPhone.

Here’s we’ve covered a detailed comprehensive guide on how to connect iPhone to Samsung smart tv via Bluetooth.

Connecting your iPhone to your apple tv is a matter of a few moments, however, doing this same thing with a Samsung smart tv might be a challenging thing for you.

Here we’ve made a list of 11 different solutions that you can follow for connecting your iPhone to a Samsung smart tv via Bluetooth.

  1. Google Chromecast
  2. AirPlay
  3. Apple TV
  4. Mirror for Samsung TV
  5. Samsung Smart View
  6. AllCast
  7. Roku Streaming Device
  8. Video and TV Cast
  9. Lightning Digital AV Adapter
  10. Airbeam TV
  11. iPhone Screencast in-built feature

#Way Number 1: Google Chromecast:

Google Chromecast, one of the best and simple ways that let you connect with your Samsung smart TV. It’s called an all-in-one solution, not only give you the ability to watch movies, photos with your iPhone but also you can use the internet with it.

Installing and setting up the Chromecast is easy and hassle-free. Just download the app from the apple store and connect it with your smart TV.

Benefits and Features:

The Google Chromecast is primarily designed for google home, however, this small device is getting more popularity for other apps also.

With so many features and benefits, you can watch all things in one place, movies, live TV, youtube, shows, and photo streaming.

You can search for your favorite shows, movies using the Chromecast voice command feature. Just say what you want to watch from your iPhone.

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How to Set Up The Google Chromecast to Samsung smart TV?

  • Download and install the Google Chromecast application from the apple store, and then open the app.
  • Now plug the Chromecast into your Samsung TV, but make sure that you’ve completely installed the device on your phone.
  • Once the process is done, the Chromecast will automatically get connected to your TV.
  • Go to your settings menu and make a name of the Chromecast for better results next time.
  • Now select the wireless network from there, then it will get connected automatically.

#Way Number 2: AirPlay:

With this Airplay you can now enjoy podcasts, movies, shows, live tv, and more from your iPhone to Samsung smart tv, even you can start your stream video from any of your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad.

This platform is created by Apple inc and this is why this Airplay can give the users a super fast connecting speed and more user satisfaction than other platforms.

How to set up Airplay?

Since it’s an apple own platform, you can easily set up that, but before going through the process, make sure your both devices are on the same network.

Then follow:

  • Open your iPhone and navigate the setting and then turn on the airplay.
  • Now swipe to the control middle point and choose the airplay choice.
  • Once this is done, Your AirPlay menu will be shown.
  • Do this from both the Samsung tv and make them discoverable.
  • Select your TV that you want to connect with your iPhone and make sure that it’s set on for making your TV discoverable.
  • Once your iPhone is connected with the TV, you can tap into the screen mirroring from the setting page.
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#Way Number 3: Apple TV :

This is another simple way for you. If you would like to use a hassle-free strong connection with your iPhone to your Samsung TV, the Apple TV would be an ideal method.

To make the connection, all you need to have a free HDMI port and connect the Apple TV to your wireless network.

But make sure you have selected the right input on your Samsung smart tv and be certain that the apple tv’s home display arrived.

One more thing that you have to remember always is to connect all the devices to the same internet because even if you finish the rest of the setup well, this simple mistake can ruin all your plans!

How to Sign Into The Apple TV on a Samsung TV?

Before signing into the Apple tv from your Samsung TV, you must have an iTunes account, if you’re still not using it, first create an account and then read the next steps.

Assuming you have an iTunes account on your iPhone, now follow the guide below:

  • Navigate to your Samsung TV and then select the Apple TV application from there.
  • Setting>Account, and then select the “Sign in on Mobile device” to Sing in with your mobile.
  • There will be two options, one is to navigate to the Apple TV activation page by entering a secret code that will be shown on your TV, and another is by scanning the QR code.
  • If you can complete it well so far, you’re almost at the end, from there just follow the on-screen guides to finish the sign-in process.

Note: You won’t find these features on any of Samsung’s smart TVs made before 2018. The Apple TV will only work with TVs that were made in 2018,19,20, and 2021, and more new ones coming later will work.

Remember one more thing, if you’re using apple music or the Apple TV app does not appear in apps, unfortunately, you have to stay away from adopting this way.

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#Way Number 4: Mirror for Samsung TV  :

This is not any new feature since Samsung started releasing their smart TVs in the market, a mirror for Samsung feature has been available on all their smart TVs.

You can share your screen live to any Samsung smart Tv even not using any type of cable. All you need to do is just manually open the option with your remote and follow the below guide to complete the set up accurately:

How to Set Up a Mirror For Samsung TV?

  • First, with the auto browsing feature, open the option from your phone.
  • Search for your TV, when you get it then just tap on the name.
  • Now click the option called “start mirroring”. From then it will start to mirror your devices.
  • Now press the option called “start broadcast”, your screen will start to mirror the Samsung TV.

#Way Number 5: Samsung Smart View:

The Samsung smart view application allows you to launch apps on the smart TV, play live shows, movies, media, and so many things from your iPhone or even iPad. Once your all setup is done, you can just use your iPhone as a TV remote 🙂

Although using the Samsung smart view application for connecting iPhone to Samsung Smart Tv via Bluetooth will be much easier for you, however, it might be a bit time-consuming for you.

To make the whole process simple we have made a short guide,

How To Use The Samsung Smart View Application For Your iPhone?

  • Connect your phone to the same network as your TV.
  • Install the smart view application from the apple store.
  • Now tap your TV and find out an option called “Smart View” from the list of the all apps on your TV.
  • Once clicked, allow it to access media from other devices.
  • Now from your iPhone’s smart view app, see if there your TV available, It’s supposed to stay.
  • Tap to the connect now and allow its access from your TV.
  • Once connected, there will be shown a list of all your installed apps from your TV.
  • Choose any of them that you would like to play and listen to.
  • Now tap to the remote icon from the bottom-right corner of the app.
  • Finished! Control your TV using your iPhone 🙂
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#Way Number 6: AllCast:

If you don’t have an Apple Tv and are looking for a reliable partner for connecting your iPhone to your smart TV, Allcast can be a great solution with its simple installation process.

The main purpose of the Allcast is to share media from the phone to smart TV. but you can also use this app for this purpose. This hassle-free way will work perfectly and instantly.

This application offers two plans, free and premium, the free version allows the user to watch 5 minutes videos from any TV.

In this guide, we’re not going to cover how to install and set up the premium plan, we’re going to tell you about the free version.

  •  Go to your apple store to download and install the app.
  • Open it, the app will automatically start discovering some TV devices powered to the same system as your iPhone.
  • At the bottom-left corner, tap on the Cast button, and choose the device to connect.
  • If everything is well, now you can access your TV and send media and watch them.

Note: The Allcast will work well with any devices that support DLNA rendering.

#Way Number 7: Roku Streaming:

This would be your simple way of connecting your iPhone to a Samsung smart tv, it’s one of the most powerful and updated screens mirroring devices, all you need to use the device in your home is just connect both the devices and your iPhone.

Setting up some basic configurations is quite simple, but before giving you the easiest setup guide, let us tell you some important benefits and features of this device, also check the solution of Roku error.

It’s a feature-packed media player that lets you stream 4K, HD videos, giving you the ability to connect it with other devices via wireless technology as well as an Ethernet port.

Comes with a voice controlling remote with buttons for your smart TV power and volume. If you lost your remote, you can search the device by your voice command.

Moreover, the device has a headphone jack for private use with premium quality JBL headphones.

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Now let’s show you how you can set up this Roku streaming device:

There are two primary things that you’ll require to complete to connect your iPhone to Samsung smart TV.

  1. Setting up the device on your phone.
  2. And configuring it with your receiver.

Now let’s jump into the main set up process:

  • Open the Roku, go to the systems of your Samsung TV, and from there, select the “on-screen mirroring” option.
  • Now the system will ask you to verify the action, so select the “allow” option.
  • Your TV system config is almost finished, now it’s time to download the Roku Streaming app from the Apple Store on your iPhone.
  • Once it is installed, open it and search for nearly available TVs.
  • Just select the photos+ option to the mirroring option, simple!

#Way Number 8: Video and TV Cast:

Seeing that, we moved to number 8, and this way is not a problematic method, you don’t need to use any cables. Some basic set up is enough.

Here’s how you can set up the things easily:

  • Open your phone, go to your Apple store and download the app from there.
  • Before opening the app, make sure your both devices are connected with the same wifi line.
  • Open the app and tap on the right corner of the app screen.
  • So the same thing on your TV with your remote.
  • Look at the phone, a popup box will ask you to allow the IP address, so make sure you have allowed that.
  • Now using your remote, just put the address on your TV.
  • is everything ok? Now select ok on both devices to get connected to them quickly.
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#Way Number 9: Lightning Digital AV Adapter:

It works as an HDMI cable and the primary purpose of this small device is to connect any iOS devices with the big sizes of the smart TV screen.

The most unique benefit of using this cable is you can connect your iPhone to your Samsung smart TV without downloading or set up any additional software.

You can get the device in two variations. One for your lighting devices and one for your elderly device. Not only that, but this affordable cable also comes with an additional port.

A brief of the device: This lighting AV adapter supports all types of media out for your iPad with retina display, iPod, iPad mini (Devices below 5th generation will not be supported).

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Anyway, below we have assisted you how you can complete your set up:

  • After the purchase from Amazon.[1]  Don’t forget to plug the device into your iPhone.
  • Now connect your HDMI cable to your Samsung TV.
  • Use your remote to pick the right HDMI input on your TV.
  • If everything is well, now you can play any media from your iPhone and watch them from your TV.

#Way Number 10: Airbeam TV:

The number 10 way must be an interesting way of connecting an iPhone to a Samsung smart TV via Bluetooth, and that reason we’ve selected the Airbeam TV as a connecting method.

It’s a platform based on a uniform platform, what that mean is? It means if you want to use that platform, you have to download the application for your both devices to get connected.

But don’t think the installation and configuration are more difficult than others, below we’ve just tried our best to make the whole process simple and hassle-free:

  • Download and install the application for both devices and make sure they are on the same wifi.
  • Now open the app on your phone and tap to the option called “cast”.
  • On your TV, it will make your TV discoverable.
  • Now again look at your cast menu and search for your TV, after finding the TV name on the screen, tap to the name, it will get connected automatically.

#Way Number 11: iPhone Screencast in-built Feature:

At the last way, we want to give you a long term solution. Guess which method we’re going to share with you? Yes, “iPhone screencast in-built Feature”

It’s another platform powered by Apple Inc for sharing their phone’s screen with another screen like a smart TV. no need to use any cables, the whole process requires just a few minutes.

Here’s how we’ve helped people like you to make a connection with the iPhone Screen in-built Feature:

  • Since it’s an in-built feature for all iPhone devices, so open the app and wait for a second, it will start finding new devices nearest you.
  • Now you can see your Tv name, tap on the name, and give your media access by allowing the permission there
  • The screen mirroring will automatically start, from then, you can play your media on your TV from your phone.


At the ending moment how to connect iPhone to Samsung smart TV via Bluetooth, we would like you to say that,

If your search turned out to be good, you might find many more ways than just the ones we showed you today.

However, we’re also very confident with the methods we have shown and hope that will work properly if you are not involved in any technical issues.