Online Logo Maker to Create Customized Logo Design

If you want to find out about the best logo maker apps on the web, then you are surely in the right spot. In this three-minute write-up, we will tell you all about the best logo maker apps you can get from the application stores. 

Making logos on your smartphones can be very easy if you have the right apps by your side. There are hundreds of logo makers on the internet, but sadly, most of these online apps are unreliable and expensive. 

Below we have listed some top-notch designing apps you can get from different web sources. 

Top Logo Maker App found in 2021

Here are some of the top-notch logo maker programs that can help you create the best-customized logo designs.

1. Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design & Logo Template

This online logo maker App belongs to CA Apps. This android application is incredibly famous for making the most customized logo designs. This logo creator app is also popular for its versatility. You will get thousands of logo templates, logo icons, and font styles with this application.

This logo designer is famous because it simply helps immature people design the perfect logos by providing them with predesigned templates. You can easily install this Free Logo Maker Play Store application and select the most suitable category regarding your business. You will get unique template designs saved in the same interface of the app. You can edit these template designs and make your very own customized logos for free!

2. Wix Logo Maker

The Wix logo maker is an online service that you can easily get from Wix’s main website interface! Wix is our platform, which is used for designing websites. Still, we want you guys to know that this website has recently started providing its logo designing services.

AI powers this logo maker, and this is the reason that the results are quite promising. Instead of providing your template designs, they will ask you different questions relevant to your business. Based on your answers, the service would create customized template designs solely for your business!

3. Tailor Brand Application

This is another powerful logo maker app that can be used to design different graphic elements. You must know that this feature is exceptionally reliable, and you can make the most authentic logos designs with this application cum tool.

This designer service would also ask you different questions relevant to your brand, including the name, the category in which your business falls, the tagline of your brand, your mission statement, and stuff like that. Using this information, the logo creator will create its customized logo designs for you. 

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4. Canva 

This online application is a designing platform that can help you make logos and emblems, symbols, business cards, invitation cards, and other design stuff of the sort. Canva can be used to design logos from scratch and also by using the predesigned templates.

You can easily add different design elements by using drag and drop options in the dashboard. This online logo maker is considered to be best for both beginners and professional people. This logo creator can easily help you by providing different creative options!

5. Free Logo Designer

The free logo design app is another service that can help you create cost-effective logos quite easily. You have to open the app on your device after installation and select the category of your business and add the name of the business.

It has more than twenty categories regarding different types of businesses that you can select from. In each category, you will find thousands of unique template designs that you can select yours from. You can choose the template that attracts you the most, and after a selection of designs, you can easily edit and change the templates. You can customize the font style, the shape of the logos, its size, and other relative aspects.

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6. Graphic springs

This logo maker is best for editing old logos and also creating new ones for free. This online logo maker also has tons of design features and elements to create a customized logo design easily.

In this logo maker, you are also going to find out thousands of editable template designs. The working of the app is simple and elegant. You have to enter your business name, tagline, pick your niche and start customizing the logo template. This logo maker comes in both free and paid versions, and you can select the package that suits you the most!


All of these online logo maker apps can help you out in not only creating but also in downloading the final logo designs without any trouble. You can save the logo designs in PDF, PNG and even in JPG formats. There are many more logo makers and other designer apps on the web stores, but for now, you should try the simplest ones that we have listed above!

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