Your Guide to Making Extra Income as a Graphic Designer

Are you a graphic designer looking to make more money because you have too much free time and want to make some extra income? Or maybe you are not satisfied with your current job and have been looking for a new opportunity for a while now?

If so, there are several ways you can improve your financial situation as a graphic designer. The suggestions below should be a good source of inspiration. And remember that there is no need to stick to just a single method. If you do not see the results, move on to the next one.

Suggestion #1 – Open a Print on Demand Store

Custom merchandise is a niche where you can excel as a graphic designer. And starting a print on demand store is not that difficult thanks to platforms like Printify. They offer you more than 250 products, a worldwide printing network, and a simple store integration for Shopify, Etsy, or Woocommerce. 

You can also make this into a two-man operation. Have someone else be in charge of promotion while you focus on coming up with new designs. At the end of the day, people will not purchase custom-made products if they look unappealing.

Suggestion #2 – Edit Photos


Photo editing is one of those jobs that many photographers tend to avoid. The monotony and time one can spend doing something else lead these photographers to look for someone to do the job for them. 

Being a graphic designer, you should have experience with software like Photoshop, and editing photos should be manageable as well. The majority of work will consist of getting rid of spots, finding the right lighting, and zooming in and out to make pictures appealing. And if it pays to do such work, why not give it a try? 

Suggestion #3 – Create Social Media Content

Quality social media content is not easy to come by, particularly now, with so many oversaturated markets.

Simultaneously, the oversaturation leads to competition, and lackluster content will not get you far.

If you need to stand out on Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant platforms, you need to have quality infographics, GIFs, covers, and even a profile picture.

The demand for high-quality social media content means more opportunities to find work as a graphic designer. Get in touch with some brands on social media and offer them your services.

Suggestion #4 – Design Brand Elements


Brands are looking to have elements that make them unique. It starts with a logo and ends with slogans that were created using the right font and color palette. 

Branding may seem simple at first glance, but the right elements cost money, and amateur designers are unlikely to meet the expectations of a brand that hires them. Instead, businesses look for professionals who can deliver quality goods. And this is where you come in.

Keep an eye on brands that may want to renew their branding or are just starting and have not managed to take care of this side of the business yet. When there is a chance, 

Suggestion #5 – Stream on YouTube or Twitch TV

Streamers are making a lot of money days. Donations, subscriptions, sponsorship deals, and other opportunities make streaming a profitable venture. 

You may think that the likes of Twitch TV and YouTube are all about video game streamers, but things have changed. Now, you can find other types of content, such as music, cooking, and talk shows. And even graphic designers who show off their skills, interact with an audience, and educate those eager to learn can turn streaming into a career.

It will take some time for your channel to develop, but if you stick to a schedule and provide entertainment to viewers, they should stick and help you build a channel on either YouTube or Twitch.

Suggestion #6 – Develop Educational Courses


You can use your skills for educational purposes. The demand for online education continues to grow as more and more people are looking to learn new skills that can help them change careers or improve current work conditions.

Skillshare and Udemy are two popular platforms where you can sell your courses. However, that is not the only method. You can also create tutorial videos on YouTube, self-publish a book on Amazon, or blog. 

Suggestion #7 – Look for Various Freelancing Gigs

Fiverr, UpWork, social media groups, and platforms like 99Designs provide opportunities to find gigs as a freelance graphic designer.


3D designs, book covers, illustrations, stickers, resume templates, animations for a YouTube channel, and web elements are just some of the examples of work you can find as a freelancer. 


Keep in mind, though, that there will be other candidates beside you, so it may be difficult to persuade potential clients to pick you. Prepare a solid portfolio to increase the odds of landing gigs.

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