10 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Did you know that more than 50% of the global population use one or the other social media platform? With so many users in one place, a business’s social media marketing strategy has become its key to success. Be it a small boutique store or a large multinational corporation; try to make their unique presence online.

But some important questions you have likely asked are why some social media marketing companies are more successful than others. Or why two brands operating in the same niche do not get the same kind of response. The experts who study market trends would tell you that most failed campaigns have some small flaws. Prepared with a meticulous study of the various platforms and different successful and unsuccessful plans, here is a list that can give you a heads-up about common mistakes.

Create Your Strategy

For the success of any plan on social platforms, strategy plays the most crucial role. If you think that you will start a campaign and think of the strategy as you progress, stop right there. Unless the whole plan is thought out from the beginning, there are higher chances of failure. Even for the most experienced people, having the strategy at least in mind is an absolute necessity. To create your marketing plan and optimize using social media monitoring tools accordingly.

Another important point regarding strategy that has to be remembered by all beginners is that social media demands consistency. If you super launch your profile, load it with contents, and then disappear after a week, people tend to lose trust. So next time, when you launch a product through that platform, the response will be scarce.

Understanding Target Audience

A large chunk of companies invests a lot of time framing their campaigns and understanding social media marketing trends. But they scarcely invest any time in understanding their target audience. This mistake can lead to colossal wastage of time and funds. All that you are doing is ultimately for this audience. So, why not spend some time understanding them better?

Each business niche has its target audience. Identifying your audience and stepping into their shoes can offer you a better perspective of the whole scenario. You can also create your products and brand stories in such a way that it can touch them and bring positive changes in their lives.

Accept The Reality 

When you are handling a social media marketing business, you have to prepare yourself for negative feedback and criticisms. If you tend to get too personal about such feedback or respond to them rudely, you only cause more harm. Further, the thought that negative feedback will tarnish your reputation also has to be changed.

Further, some of the negative comments out there are also very honest. In place of fussing about the reply, you can use it as an opportunity to better yourself. That is why turning the negative comment into positive work always remains a highly valued social media marketing tips.

Adding A Human Touch

There are many campaigns on social media that run as faceless corporates. You barely find any interesting story or anecdote in these pages that are so loaded with information that they become dull. How likely are you to get attracted to mere information and statistics over a real-life story with a human touch? The simple fact is humans like humans. So when you add a human touch to your social media marketing platforms, you are more likely to get the response you are looking for.

Social Media For Customer Service

Many brands still go with the notion that customer service on social media is just a formality. While it may have been so in the past, today, the scene has changed. One of the benefits of social media marketing is that it gives faster and easier access to your potential and existing customers. So your customers expect the same from you. Typically, a customer would expect a reply to their queries or comments within 12 hours. Anything beyond that is deemed as bad customer service.

Not Just Promotion

While the end idea may be promoting your products and brands, being very blatantly promotional is a strict no! People hate pages that keep promoting all the time. So try to create content that is relevant, informative, and entertaining. This will also enable you to establish thought leadership in your line. Make the promotions as subtle as you can, and the results will surprise you.

Say No To Spam

Your clients hate spam as much as you do. Certain social media marketing tools such as mass messaging apps and the like have gone out of trend. So move out of them. Also, resist including automatic spam links on your bio or product description. Rather start engaging conversations online that people can participate in according to their own accord.

Don’t Grow Fake Following

Are you holding giveaways and contests merely to increase the following of your page? While a large following base may seem great, only the real followers can make a difference to your business. Diverting your social media marketing cost towards fake followers can bring very little conversions in actual business. So let your followers grow through content rather than through giveaways.

Don’t Imitate

Each business is unique. Social media marketing for small business will never be the same as that of big businesses. The more unique you are, the more likely you are to succeed in your own space. At most, what you can do is use the other companies’ strategies as a model to learn from.

Automation Services

The online platform is full of real people who love to see other real people and their work. So, it is always advisable to prefer social media automation tools only when you want to provide specific brand details to customers. Sometimes using Chabot to reply to comments is never going to work. While it is ok to depend on marketing software for certain small tasks, avoiding them in the larger picture is always the best bet.

Final Thoughts

We hope now that you have through this list of common mistakes, you have a better perspective on how to ensure your success. You can also use this list to create a better social media marketing plan for your next campaigns. So get started right away and bring yourself the attention and success that you always deserved.

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