13 Easy Writing Guidelines Suitable for College Students

New college students know the much they can write. Regardless of the course, you are pursuing such as bowling, biology, or English composition you will need to write some papers for your taking. Writing is a creative endeavor, and writing assignments are unique. You need proper writing guidelines to enrich your skills to write anything.

However, there are several guiding principles from Ezassignmenthelp.com that students need to follow when writing their class assignments.

13 Writing guidelines for college students

Use correct grammar

Make sure that your college essay writing grammar is at par with college level writing. Besides, your report reflects your overall intelligence and analytical abilities, both in the workplace and in school. Therefore, as a college student, write carefully and make use of Standard English.

Use a formal tone

Avoid using symbols, cutesy, jargon, or slang in your writing. Moreover, do not overuse question marks and exclamation points for emphasis and avoid using a lot of italics and bold typeface.

Do not overuse punctuation.

English editors and professors face the challenge of the demise of punctuation marks. The current crop of college students uses text messages and instant messaging. It makes a difference when it comes to academic and formal writing.

Be concise and clear.

Make the correct choice of words so that your writing becomes evident to your audience. Make use of the chosen words to carry appropriate connotations. In general, avoid the use of jargon that your readers might not know.

Get to know the resources at your disposal 

To succeed in your writing; you can access several campus resources. You can access the resources internet, your professors, writing lab, or campus library in the following areas.

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Start early

To guarantee success in your writing assignments, consider starting early enough. Procrastinations lead to lower grades in essay writing. Indicate on your calendar the deadlines for each of your essay assignments.

Get to understand your assignment.

Get to understand the assignment together with the instructions before putting pen to paper. While you are writing, ensure that you review your instructions from time to time to ensure that you are doing the right thing.

Use an outline

It is a good idea to have an outline before you start to write your essay. A design will guide you in the writing process and ensure all your points get captured.


Brainstorming is an excellent way to generate ideas when one is stuck; this can be clustering and free writing.

Do not plagiarize

While brainstorming materials through reading, make sure you document the source of your materials adequately. For quotes, make sure you cite appropriately. It can be tempting to claim an idea comes from you.

Consider reviews from others.

While working on new assignments, consider past comments from your professors and see how you can boost your writing. Reviews are ways in which you can enrich your content.

Revise your writing

Most of the writing is rewriting of what already exists. Once you write your initial draft, consider giving it to someone to review it, and then from the comments, revise your work.

Save your work from time to time.

While you work on your essay paper, ensure you have backup your work. You can save your backup to an online storage platform or on a flash disk. Another way to save aback is to attach the document to an email and send it to your email address.

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