What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Gaming Mouse

With various brands and models available in today’s market, choosing a gaming mouse can be relatively challenging. However, with the right tips, you will be able to choose a gaming mouse that will best suit your needs with the utmost ease. To help with that, in this article, we shall be taking you through a gaming mouse buying guide. 

What to look for when buying a gaming mouse? When looking for a gaming mouse, here are key aspects to consider;

Type of mice

There are different types of mice to choose from, and here are the common designs available in the market;

All-purpose mice: These are by far the most common type of gaming mice in the market. They come in different shapes and sizes and feature an all-purpose design that controls everything from FPS to MMO. These mice are ideal for a gamer who plays various games and requires a highly versatile mouse.

What to look for when buying a gaming mouse

FPS Mice: These mice are those that you might consider picking up for games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six, Counter-Strike, and Quake, among others. FPS mice come fitted with distinctive features such as a snipper button located beneath the thumb helping to slow down DPI lining it during a difficult shot.

MOBA: These mice are made for multiple battle arena games such as Dota 2 or League of Legends. These mice usually features few extra buttons that you can customize to add various active hero abilities. 

MMO Mice: These mice are ideal for games such as Warcraft, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy, among others. This mouse is relatively bulky; however, it is ideal for firing off complex skills rotations.

Customizable mice: They are considered the Ferraris of gaming-peripheral. These mice are expensive; however, they deliver where it counts. If you got extra cash to spend on a gaming mouse, you should consider investing in a customizable mouse.


It would be best if you always considered purchasing a product within your budget when purchasing any product and a gaming mouse is no different.

Usually, gaming mice fall into three categories when it comes to prices; some mice go for less than $50, others are between $50 and $100, and those that cost more than $100. Usually, gaming mice prices differ significantly depending on the model and design.


A good gaming mouse has to have a perfect shape. When it comes to gaming, different gamers have different hand size and also hold mice in unique ways.

Therefore, a good gaming mouse has to ensure that it is equipped with a shape that will best suit an array of gamers including offering perfect grip for excellent gaming experience. Before settling on an excellent gaming mouse, make sure that it offers utmost comfort during a game session.


Usually, most of the gaming mice available in today’s market are made from ABS plastic. However, you should note that density along with finish on the plastic have significant impact on the build.

Therefore, as a gamer, you need to look for a gaming mouse that is has plastic which is not very slick and that it can handle sweat along with greasy palm.

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Gaming mice made from rubber or silicone material are considered to offer the best grip. With that said, when it comes to grip, you have to ensure your mouse offers perfect grip which will allow you to pick it up and easily move it around.

At the same time, ensure that the mouse is not too grippy to an extent it allows dust to stuck or make your thumb relatively uncomfortable while gaming.


When it comes to gaming mouse, sensitivity becomes key. As a gamer who would like to enhance their gaming experience and improve their gaming skills, you will need to consider investing in a highly sensitive mouse.

Fortunately, in today’s market, most of the gaming mice available tend to have excellent sensitivity. A good mouse with perfect sensitivity should possess the following aspects;

• No jitters

• Super-fast poll rate.

• No prediction along with angle snapping.

• No acceleration.

• Low lift of distance.

• Ideal for tracking across relatively big DPI range.

Dots Per inch

Dots per inch or DPI measures the sensitivity of a gaming mouse to movement. A high DPI mouse will allow the cursor to move much faster per inch with a relatively small movement of the mouse.

However, how high the level of DPI often depends on an individual preference with most of the gaming pros preferring to use relatively low DPI. Low DPI allows pro gamers to slightly adjust their aim without moving their mouse some few millimeters. Fortunately, modern gaming mice cam track accurately while using relatively low DPI.

Final verdict

When choosing a gaming mouse, you should consider factoring in the tips discussed in this article. By doing so, you will find a product that will best suit your need with the utmost ease. As we conclude, we hope that you have found this article beneficial as you look for a gaming mouse that will best suit your needs.

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