What is Peel Remote and How to Use it?

Peel remote is an android app that is used for control TV and other smart devices. It has a lot many features that attract it as a remote control device. We will know what is peel remote app and how to use it. Many apps are available for control TV apps online but why should you choose to peel remote app? There are a few reasons to choose this app as a controlling device.

Peel remote offers you some special benefits to impress you and be the default controller for your TV. That is why it has become the most used remote app. If you are looking for an app that can be used as a control device for your TV and other devices than peel remote should be your first choice.

What is peel remote benefits?

  • Auto Detect: It detects the sensor of your device and connects automatically with your device so you can control it without wasting any time.
  • A lot of sources: It has a lot of sources to control your device. Almost every brand can be supported by this app.
  • Minimal look: This app gives you a premium look and very attractive UI. You can also customize it a little bit.
  • Offline Usage: No need to be connected with internet connection while you are controlling a device. You can use it offline once you download it.

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How to use the app?

This app is not going to work in every android device. The device must have an IR bluster installed in it and the android version should be higher than 4.1. If your device is obeyed with these terms, You can use it. Simply download it from google play. The name of this app is changed as MI peel remote because it’s owned by Xiaomi now. Some of you want to know what is peel remote alternative and end up installing MI Remote but both of them are kinda same.

The older version of this app is also available on various sites. You can download it from those sites also.

As there are many features and benefits are available in this app, there are some cons that are also present here as well. Let’s know what is peel remote disadvantages. It has some security issues. It collects your personal data and sells it to advertise companies.

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