Direct TV Remote App for Android and iOS. Control Anything

Smartphones have replaced a lot of gadgets like calculator, MP3 player, Clock, and even Television. Smartphones developer growing technology very fast. Now we can control our TV by a smartphone. Today we will introduce you to some new Direct TV remote app that is very useful. There are multiple-choice to choose from.

Almost everyone owns a smartphone in 2020. A TV remote is runs on battery that can’t be charged twice. We have to change the battery if it’s out of charge. Sometimes it’s big enough to carry a remote for TV. All this problems can be solved if you use a mobile app to control your TV. It’s easy and simple to access. This is an important program so some of the smartphone companies giving a built-in TV Remote apps in the device.

This app is built for those people who have DirecTV HD receiver. It can be controlled by the app if you are connected to the internet. You can’t control your TV without internet access.

Alternative Direct TV Remote app

A regular TV can be controlled by your android device also. If you own a classic TV that does not support Wi-Fi, you can still control it with your mobile phone. You need to have an IR Blaster in your smartphone to perform this action. Most of the Xiaomi device has MI Remote app built-in. It helps you to control TV, AC, DVD, Smart Fan, and many more gadgets. You can download this app from google play and use it as Direct TV Remote app.

Benefits of using mobile as a Remote


Technology is getting bigger and better day by day. You have to be updated with that. Smartphone is a thing that can make your daily work very easy and simple. Make sure you are using modern technology for good cause. If you are buying a device than learn the proper use of it and make it worthy. With More use of smartphone you can discover many more thing including Direct TV Remote app.

Don’t use this technology for bad purpose. You can simply disturb some person who is watching  TV from this app which is not good. Make the Direct TV remote app useful.


Do those apps supported on every device?

-These apps are supported if your phone has IR Blaster installed. This is a hardware so you can’t install it from google play.

Are the app is heavy? 

-Yes, It’s quite heavy. Don’t install it if you have a low configured smartphone.

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