Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping Problem Solved

Samsung is a big part of the mobile phone market from the beginning. It always provides their best product and that’s why it’s very popular. But the keyboard for the android phone of Samsung has some issues. Samsung keyboard keeps stopping while typing anything. That’s a very annoying thing for using a smartphone. It Becomes very irritating while you are in an emergency. But it can be fixed very easily. Solve this problem within a minute.

Texting in several apps are a very regular and common thing now. We need to choose the perfect keyboard to type messages. Samsung Keyboard is better than the default android keyboard but it keeps stopping all the time. Let’s fix this error from Samsung devices and use the Samsung keyboard peacefully.

Fix Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopping

If you ever face the message “Samsung keyboard has stopped” and could not use your keyboard for a while after that then follow these instructions. This problem mainly occurs in Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung tabs.

  • Press and hold the power button for few seconds.
  • Power menu will appear.
  • Go to emergency mode.
  • Use the emergency keyboard to login to your phone.
  • Exit the emergency mode by holding the power button.
This may fix the error of the Samsung keyboard keeps stopping. If that does not work you can choose the default google keyboard from Settings >>  Language & Input >> Keyboard.

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Alternative Way

Google keyboard is very minimal and good looking but it has very few features. You can choose another keyboard from google play for free. There are a lot of keyboards are available in google play. Use them if you can’t get rid of the Samsung keyboard keeps stopping the problem. Ridimik Keyboard is very popular and useful among all other keyboards.

These are the few features  you are going to have in ridimik keyboard

  • Auto-Correct 
  • Auto Suggestion
  • Bunche of themes.
  • Customize keyboard size.
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