How to Unarchive Gmail & Move to Inbox Easily

Gmail is an email service that is used by almost every person. We can send mail and receive a lot of feature in Gmail. Sometimes some of our mail doesn’t come in inbox directly. Important mail comes in promotion, social, spam, and become an archive. Shoukhintech will show you how to unarchive Gmail from other places to inbox

We don’t check emails from spam, promotion, and other tabs every time. Inbox gets the most priority all the time by a Gmail user. If an important email doesn’t come to the inbox and becomes archive in Gmail then it’s a matter of problem. Gmail won’t send you mail in inbox from the archive receptions.

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How to Unarchive Gmail

Here what you have to do for unarchiving emails from Gmail.

  • Open your Google account.

google sign in shoukhintech

  • Go to Gmail.
  • Open the mail you want to unarchive.
  • If you don’t find the mail then go to the “All mail” tab from the left menu of Gmail.

all email on gmail shoukhintech

  • Now open the mail and navigate to the “spam” label of the email.
  • You will see an “x” icon near the label and click on it.

Unarchive gmail and move to inbox shoukhintech

  • that’s it. your mail from that reception will be sent to the inbox from the next time.

That’s how you can control and unarchive Gmail and move all emails to the inbox.


What are promotional emails?

Some of your emails are coming from many companies. Big companies run an advertisement campaign and give many offers. Those emails are usually going in the promotion tab because those are not that important. They are using it for company promotion.

What are social emails?

People use their Gmail to create social media accounts like FacebookTwitterInstagram, and more. If they turned on notification on email then you will get notification about your social activities in the “social” tab. These are not also very important.

What are spam emails?

Spam mails are coming from those receptions that are blacklisted by Gmail. It’s risky to click on a link from a spam mail. But sometimes useful emails are also shifted to the spam folder automatically that’s why you need to know how to unarchive Gmail and send it to the main inbox.


It’s good to check all the emails once a week so you can know if you missed some important emails or not.  For more Gmail tips and tricks, keep visiting our website.

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