How To Get Unbanned From Discord Server! The Safe Way To Follow!

I’m sorry to hear that, maybe you’ve been banned from your Discord server! and you are spending your daily life in a lot of trouble. At this sad moment, I have good news for you. Do you want to hear that? Then read the entire guide on how to get unbanned from Discord Server.

Messaging in this app might be one of your best pastimes, you may love its feature and free, easy communication interface. But unfortunately, you’ve got banned from your account! What a misfortune?

But after getting banned from your discord server, You may not want to sit still, and that should not be done. You have to find a guide where you can know about how you can get unbanned from your discord account.

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Today in this comprehensive tutorial, I’ll show you the most simple and well-known ways to get unbanned from your account with some tips for the future safety of your discord server.

What is Discord Ban?

When an administrator or an admin of a discord server has decided a user doing something wrong on their server, or the user violating the server roles, then the server administrator can ban that user without any issue.

This ban issue can be system-wide, which means, the user who has been banned from the server will not be able to participate in the server again with the same username IP address.

Even If the user tries to change their username to join the server again, that will not be possible, but it would be possible if the user changed his IP address with a good and safe VPN.

So, I’ll show you how you can unblock from a server using a safe and best VPN that already uses so many people who are already banned from Discord.

Why Does Discord Ban Their Users?

Discord users can be banned when their user do some unexpected bad things in their account, ban can be done by the Discord services itself or the server admins for numerous reasons, these are:

  • When a user or robot create a spam account
  • If any user shares any pornography related photos and videos on their account or channel
  • If somebody shares illegal content that violates the privacy and copyright laws of Discord
  • A self-promotional content can be effective on account
  • Joining or organizing in raids on servers can be an issue of a user account banning in Discord
  • Changing IP address using any third-party VPN services, again and again, can be a reason for banning
  • And more!

If you think that you didn’t make anything related to these then don’t worry, you’re doing great on the platform, maintaining the roles of Discord will help you protect your account more and more than those who are doing illegal with their discord account.

Type of Ban in Discord:

Most people don’t know the answer to the question because a ban is not a common thing on Discord, It doesn’t happen all the time. There are mainly two types of bans in discord,

The first type of ban is called a server ban. Server ban means a particular server admin has banned a user from an individual message server. The user who already has been banned from the server may not be able to log in to that server, but the user will be able to join other servers.

The last type of ban in discord is a system-wide ban that can be done by the discord folks, if a user has been banned by the discord system-wide folks, the user will not be able to use connect to any of the servers on the platform.

To understand all the processes of user banning in a discord user account, let’s see how the platform bans their users and how they track.

Discord mainly follows two primary ways to track all of their users, the user’s device IP address and Username. Now the point is what is the IP address right? Ok let’s tell you that in a short paragraph,

An IP address is an address of your devices used by a network to recognize a connected device like a computer, mobile, laptop, tablet, and more. To agree with the network to recognize where data is being accepted from and requires to be sent to.

What do we learn from the lesson? Yes, you got it right, even if a user has been banned and tries to change his username from the setting page, the user will still be rejected by the discord. Because the Discord system has been created in such a way that identifies the user that has been already banned from the system.

So it can be said that if someone does more tricks then his account can be much more damaged.

Tips: Don’t create any new account using the same IP address, if you create an account on the same computer, It won’t take them long to ban you!

Now you may ask a question to me then what’s the way to get unbanned from my discord account? Right? I know,

Well, I’ve personally found a life-oriented way to get unbanned from your Discord server, and the way is to use a safe and trusted VPN (Virtual Private Network), this is a great tool that helps me a lot to get unblocked from my nearly any online services.

When a person connects to a Virtual Private Network’s service, the tool temporarily creates a clean and new address for the connected device. If a user lives in New York and he wants to use the internet on his computer from another location virtually, then it can be done easily by using a VPN service.

Ok, now come back to the main point of today’s tutorial, if a banned user connects a VPN and then creates a new account, That user may not get back to his old account but can be re-connected to different groups or servers with the new account

Tips for that point: When you’ll connect your device to a new IP address and open a new account, you should try to create a username a little bit different than your past account.

Which VPN Would Be The Best Option to Get Unblocked From a Discord Server?

Well, this question might be quite complicated, VPN is a Server-based service provided by many companies and agencies, some provide their best and some low quality, but at the end of the day, people often make the mistake choosing the best VPN.

If I’ll suggest you a number one and one of the best selling VPN services on the current market, my suggestion will go the NordVPN, SImple, easy, clean interface, excellent customer support and more, they are also affordable, You will like their monthly based plan and pricing! So just go to their site and buy their plan and start.

How To Get Unbanned From Discord Server Using NordVPN?

It’s only a matter of one or two minutes. Just require some knowledge about how to use a VPN on a computer. For this tutorial, I’ll use a VPN called NordVPN, if you don’t know what NordVPN is, you can follow this site to get an article on it or search online to get an idea about it. For reference, I’ll suggest the official article for you, click here to read.

But don’t worry, the VPN I’ve used in this tutorial is very simple to use than others, all you need to do is just download the VPN from the official site and install it on your device, for this article, I’ll show you how to get unblocked from Discord server on Computer.

Step #1: First you’ll need to close your discord desktop client application

Step #2: Click on your (My Computer Icon) and then click on find out a folder in your C drive called “AppData”, you can easily find this folder in your username folder, if you don’t see the folder, then you’ll need to go to a setting which can be found at the top of your folder page.

From these options, find out “View” Tab to enable all your hidden files and folders, if you do this, you should be able to see all your hidden documents, and also the folder that you need to open, yes I’m talking about the “AppData” folder.

Step #3: Now open the file and find out the Discord account folder, and delete the folder.

Image 1 here!

Step #4: Open your NordVPN and Connect it to other city or country using a new IP address

Step #5: Reinstall the Discord app and create an account using a new email address and a new username. You can use Outlook or Gmail.

Image 2 Here!

Step#5: Now log in to your account using your new login information, Make sure you’re connected with a new IP during using Discord.

Step #6: Now you can safely join the server that you are banned on!

Good News: you can disconnect your VPN once your Discord account has been created, New IP is only required to create a new account.


Discord is just a great app for all, but they have some limitation, privacy, copyright issue, and more, so when you’re using it, make sure you’re doing good, bad things will affect your account privacy,

I hope this guide was helpful for you to get unbanned from Discord Server, although this tutorial has shown you only how you can get unblocked from a server, however, this way was the only way to make you happy.

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