How To Fix Twitter “Something Went Wrong, Try Again” Error? Let’s Fix It!

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms for us, it has a lot of features to use, but recently I’ve found a problem called “Something Went Wrong, Try Again”, although “Something Went Wrong” is not a big issue, but, this issue can bother you when you do something important in your Twitter account.

So, what if I share a simple method with you on how to solve this common problem? I know it’s going to be quite interesting because most people find a solution to this.

What is The “Something Went Wrong” Error on Twitter?

Well, it’s kind of a common error in a Twitter account, Since Twitter launched their brand new redesigned user interface to provide the best user experience, people often facing the problem again and again.

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People getting the same message whenever they open their profile page, notification page, and reading tweets page. But Twitter gives a button to solve the problem immediately from the page, the “Try again” button.

The lucky people can instantly able to solve the issue, but the maximum number of people are not able to solve the error using the “Try Again” button.

Twitter temporarily able to resolve the issue, but not permanently, I don’t know why this happening! Twitter should look at this error very carefully, otherwise, twitter may lose its users (My personal opinion).

After getting this error, I’ve seen some people tried to resolve it by using the F5 key button and also using the browser reload option, Some people have succeeded and some have failed.

A maximum number of users don’t know how they should solve the issue with a simple method, that’s why Today I’ll show you the right way to go!

Way to Solve The “Something went Wrong” Error on Twitter:

This problem can be due to some reasons, one can be due to your wrong time and date and another can be due to your browser cache. Let’s try to find a solution through the first way!

Solving the “Something Went Wrong” Issue by Computer Date and Time:

This is true if you are surprised to hear that the wrong date and time on your computer can cause this problem. But no worry, it’s easy to fix. Follow me to do that in the right way.

Step #1: open your computer or laptop and hit your Win+R button, then enter the text “timedate.cpl” in the box and press the enter button.

Step #2: After hitting the enter button, you can now be able to see a window where the time and date setting can be found.

Step #3: Select the “Internet Time” tap from there and tap on the change Setting option.

Step #4: Now you’ll find a text find, copy this website URL “” and paste it on the box and press the update button.

You’re done, now go to the Twitter website and reload the page, if this way will solve the problem then you don’t need to follow my second method, but unfortunately if this method is not working, you can follow the next way.

How to Solve The “Something went Wrong” Error on Twitter By Clearing Browser Cache?

Before knowing how you can clean your browser cache, you should know what is web browser cache, if you already know that, you can skip this point,

A Browser cache is known as an info technology for the temporary storage of web files, it can be anything like images, videos, web pages with texts, this technology mainly helps a lot to reduce the server lag.

This web-supported technology mainly helps to store copies of documents passing through it, next requests may be satisfied from the cache if some conditions are met.

Now we can go to the main part, yes, the browser cache cleaning part, for this tutorial, I’ll show you how to clear cache in google chrome, but the process is the same, if you’re using Firefox or others, then you can just follow this guide, it’s simple.

How to Clear Web Browser Cache?

Step #1: Open your chrome browser and go to

Step #2: To clear your google chrome cache, find a three dots icon from the top of the left side of the browser.

Step #3: Mouse hovers the History option and clicks on the History text.

Step #4: Now you will see a list of many websites that you have visited in the past. Hover over your mouse to the “Clear Browsing Data” button.

Step #5: After clicking on that button, you’ll see a pop-up window from a new tab. From the drop-down menubar select the “all-time” option and click on the “Clear Data” Button.

This process can take a few moments to complete, so don’t close your browser.

When the cache cleaning is done, restart your browser and go to and again log in to your account, I’m sure your problem is solved.


Remember: “Something Went Wrong” error on Twitter is not a problem with your account, This problem was caused by a new update on Twitter, So it can be said that this is a failure of Twitter.

Take it easy and follow these methods that I’ve already shared in this tutorial, if you have any question related to this issue, just leave your comment below, I’ll try to answer you, No matter how busy I am!

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