7 Successful iPhone Tricks & Tips You Should Know

Despite being an iOS user for years, one could easily miss out on wonderful things an iPhone is capable of holding. Or maybe you are a newbie who is curious to know what lies inside this gorgeous looking phone. The iPhone is known as one of the innovative brands, consistently working on offering more every time a new series is out in the market. Now imagine what possibly could be hidden beneath that rarely meets the eye! 

We know you certainly want more from your iPhone and hence here we are with a list of tricks & tips. Whether it is the latest iPhone 11 or an older one, regardless of the year of launch you would certainly find our list useful. Take a look at some awesome things that you did not know and your iPhone unapologetically stayed mum about these the whole time.

Reboot Your Iphone’s Speed

However fast you thought your device is, at some point of time it will begin to lag. This happens over time when storage is unable to digest more and sitting over flooded with old files along with some applications.

What should you do?

  • A phone would love some rest now & then. Plus it helps in restoring the memory. Keep it off for a while.
  • Some data gets redundant and hence it is important to clear your phone by deleting data collected over time.
  • Stay updated with the iOS in your phone.

Put That Dark Mode On & Enjoy Multiple Apps Mobility

The latest iOS 13 allows a user to switch on the dark mode at dusk. While you turn the dark mode on it results in switching the original background color of apps to soothing dark grey. This enables easy readability on your phone and puts less stress on your eyes. The option to turn the dark mode on could be found under Settings>Display and Brightness.

It is a great way to increase the accessibility in your phone by organizing apps on the home screen. However, it begins to appear as a task when moving these apps one by one. You could do all at once! In the iPhone 11 by pressing and long holding the tap on an app before it gives you an option to add more apps to it. After Android had this option available in phones, now the iPhone is embracing it gladly too.

When Security Is Of Top Priority

It is quite evident that all of us use our phones just more than phones. We also save important information in our phones since we consider it easily accessible and safe too. In such times when data security is often brought up to questioning, it is essential to consider all the best options for better securing of your data. When prompted to create a 6 digit code now instead of 4, we suggest you make a wise choice by going for an alphanumeric passcode. Alphanumeric passcodes are nearly impossible to decipher and that makes your experience on iPhone hassle free.

Set Custom Alerts And Tones

It might come across as a commonly heard option available in phones these days, to be able to set or create a unique tone for messages or calls received from individuals. However, yet there are many who are not taking full advantage of such a luxury offered by phones. Play around and have some fun setting different tones and alerts that would have guessed who the caller might be even without looking at the phone.

Can’t Answer A Call?
Set An Automated Message Or Put Your Phone On Dnd While Sleeping.

In today’s world where Artificial Intelligence has already amused us enough by the level of automation provided, an automated message might fail in having your brows frowned upon its mention. Nevertheless, the real time usability of being able to send an automated message when unable to answer a call might save you from later embarrassment. Don’t like the suggested messages? Have fun customizing your own then!

Are you the one who dislikes having your sleep interrupted? With iPhone’s new handy feature it is now possible to put everything on hold with a simple click on DND option. So the phone is practically doing things on your behalf while you take your good night sleep. What does it do? For starters, silence all calls and texts along with dimming the Lock screen and directing alerts to the notification center.

Siri’s Got Your Back!

A credit goes to the advancement in Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning that today we are practically able to speak to a phone. And the best part is it is certainly not a one way conversation. While chatting with a person if Siri happens to determine that the recipient is wondering about your whereabouts, a handy keyboard option will pop up on the keyboard. Use that to share your current location with the recipient.

All It Needs Is A Good Shake As Well An Added Fun Element, Animoji

No matter how awkward this sounds but at times of emergency, the option is known to come handy. Let’s say you happened to type incorrectly or maybe typed a lengthy message which got deleted, just hold your phone tightly, shake it and all be undone.

After Animojis, now since the launch of iOS12 one could create animations of one’s own facial features or of their favorite celebrity and share further with their friends. These are known as Memoji and they could look like anyone that you choose. Sounds fun right? A good is supposed to encourage you for some fun, isn’t it?


Although we have put efforts to bring out the most useful and under rated features of an iPhone, considering a phone holds much more than what meets the eyes we suggest you dig further in your own time. Get those hidden features to working and have fun making your experience seamless. After all that is what an iPhone is ought to achieve, a user’s effortless experience. 

Since it varies from user to user, it is possible that not all above mentioned tips & tricks would come into use and that is alright. As long as even 2 or 3 tips are solving the purpose, having taken time out to read this article proved worthwhile. Have fun flaunting your new iPhone!

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