Why Is My Wifi Signal Weak All Of A Sudden?

When you notice you’re getting a slow wifi signal from your router, you should find out what’s the reason behind the issue, is everything ok or something happening.

Although different reasons can make the issue, most times you will require to check your router position and the distance of your device from your router to solve the problem.

But if you still not sure what you should do and follow, we’re welcoming you to this comprehensive guide on why my wifi signal is weak all of a sudden.

Here we’ve shared the most common causes and finally tried to give a useful guide on how you can overcome the issue and get the right speed from your router.

Before you know how to solve it, you should know the reasons, so let’s share the causes of it.

Why Is My Wifi Signal Weak All of a Sudden

Router Position: If we look at the primary reasons, we can see it can happen if your router is not located in a good position where the router can serve the network properly.

If your device is connected with an Ethernet cable from your router, and the problem is still happening, you’ll need to pay more attention to other solutions,

But if you’re using your devices wirelessly, you should keep your devices to your router as close as you can. Hopefully, This will solve the issue, if not, see the below reasons.

Tips: Pointing your router’s antennas will also be important for getting the best result, so when keeping the router in the best position, try to point the antennas one horizontal and the other one vertical.

Are You Using Any VPN: Here we don’t say that using a VPN is bad because VPN can protect our internet privacy, but did you know VPN can slow down your wifi speed?

Yes, it’s true, because when you’re connected with a VPN, your device’s IP address will be changed to another address and create more pressures,  so if your device will not be able to handle this, you will surely get slow connections all time.

Tips: Once you noticed you’re getting a weak wifi signal, make sure you’re not connected with any VPN

Are You Using an Old Router: We’re not saying you’re poor! But maybe you’re using an old model of router that is not able to handle the actual speed that you’re getting from your internet service provider.

Technology has changed a lot and everything is getting updated regularly, so preferable to say that you have to update your router’s hardware or buy a new one and change!

Your Connected Devices: We’re assuming this is the most common problem of that issue, Check how many devices are connected with your router, if you see too many devices are using the same network, then how can you think you’ll get a fast speed?

Tips: Just keep your necessary devices connected to the line and kick out all others from the router.

Check If Any Object Distract Your Network Or Not? Although this will be no problem if you’re living in a solid room, or area where there is no such thing as a wall. But if you’re living in a room where there are some objects such as a microwave, oven, phones, wireless cameras and satellite TV receivers, you’ll face some issues.

These kinds of objects are harmful to a wifi signal and they can make a network weak enough weak. because they use the same frequency as your router.

Tips: Try to keep these items as away from your router as you can, and if possible, keep them in another room.

Well, we’ve tried to show some basic and common reasons, but now if you ask why my wifi signal is weak all of a sudden, We have already contracted with you to answer this question.

So see the below!

The Solution To The Problem Of Weak Signal All Of A Sudden:

We’ve already shared some reason with some solution, but in addition to these, you can also follow this guide,

#1 Change Your Router Channel

If you’re living in an area where too much wifi is running, your neighbour’s router can make your router’s speed slow down, But there is no reason to fear because you can easily change your router’s channel from your control panel.

Once you change the channel, your router will start using a different section of a frequency band that will not cause any problem in future.

#2: Restart Your Router: If changing the router channel didn’t work for the issue, you can simply restart your router, once it’s done, connect your devices and check if you get the right speed or not.

#3: Forget Network: Some mobile applications can make an internal issue on your phone, so you can forget your wifi network from the wifi page of your mobile menu, and connect your mobile to check again.

#4: Factory Reset: Although this way can solve almost every issue for your phone, we’re not suggesting this method for this issue, because you can lose your personal data and more.

However, if the mentioned ways are not helping you, then take your phone’s files backup to another place and reset the phone.

To reset, Simply open your setting, scroll down and find the factory reset option or search on the setting search box, then click on it and hit the reset button, normally what it does is it will remove all the files and apps that were stored on your phone memory.

So if any external apps make the issue, your problem will be solved after resetting your phone!


At the end of the tutorial on why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden, we would like to say that you can’t blame one reason for this problem, so many reasons can be found, but in our expert point of view, the causes and solutions that we’ve posted in this guide are the most common.

So follow the tips to find out your problems and finally keep your eyes on the solutions to fix your weak signal all of a sudden.

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