The Significance of ICR and How Does it Work?

ICR is an enlarged automation of OCR. Optical character recognition monitors predefined alphabets whereas intelligent character recognition services aid various writing structures and fonts of handwriting to be grasped by automated software to enhance content recognition and precision. 


ICR system utilizes predefined writing from picture reports. It is an enhanced category of optical character recognition automation in which predefined alphabets are captured. ICR is in the transferring phase as automation keeps enhancing to give greater accuracy and recognition rates. The alteration and correction in this category are constant which indulges chances with time to make automation more authentic. In fact, when compared to optical character recognition we can announce that the results of intelligent character recognition are still insufficient precision and accurateness. The reason is that now it is currently available intelligent character recognition is constantly learning neuronic frameworks developed by AI. The increment the information will be readily available, the enhanced the intelligent character recognition system would be able to acquire knowledge and procedure the predefined reports. Any exception can result in incorrect information translation.  


ICR can translate a framework of advanced predefined writing styles and fonts by transforming an artificial intelligence-based neuronic framework through which the software makes sure self-learning with each advanced report style and font. It translates into that whenever an advanced type of report is learned by the structure, the intelligent character recognition system continuously updates its reports which transfer to aid the system to predict the writing efficiently with high precision. With each new information to ANN structure, the new, as well as previous information, is utilized to analyze the predefined, fonts, and styles, etc.

How does intelligent character recognition work?

An intelligent character recognition system is combined into software that takes in an input of a predefined report. Let’s take a deeper look at how intelligent character recognition automation in the digital document authentication use-case of financial institutions.


  1. The client will show their identity document verification in front of the webcam. An intelligent character recognition system will scan the report and extract the data from the identity document.
  2. The client could be analyzed to upload predefined permission as per the software guidelines. 
  3. Both the uprooted data will be authenticated and information, as well as results, will be transferred to the back office. 


The advanced information extraction procedure reduces the above of time-constraining and inefficient information entry procedures by organizations. Not only time, but it utilizes the amount to train staff for the position of information entry. The uprooted information can expand and be utilized in an automatic information flow software that can aid organizations to make sure predictive modeling over big datasets to make the software more effective and optimized. 

Application of the ICR system

Intelligent character recognition was produced by Joseph Corcoran in 1993 for the sole purpose of automotive reports procedures. This procedure included 3 layers in which the report picture was scanned and processed by the system then the data was uprooted utilizing the intelligent character recognition engine and in the last layer, results were analyzed to check that output efficiently. 


With advancement, this innovation proved to be fruitful for a variety of real-world organizations applications. Nowadays, an innovative organization utilizes intelligent character recognition services for automatic form filling. Before intelligent character recognition, the recognition has the capacity to digitize the information extraction procedure no matter if it is joined writing. The intelligent character recognition system has the listed below application at an organization level. 


  • ICR software is embraced by RPA universally. 
  • To optimize workplace tasks, intelligent character recognition is utilized in the apps of OMR. 
  • An intelligent character recognition service is utilized for achieving the information in an automated environment.
  • EDV to authenticate the identity of people online. This app is the majority utilized in financial institutions and monetary institutions.
  •  Authentication of predefined permission in an automated environment. 
  • An intelligent character recognition system is utilized to digitize the manual information entry procedure at an organization level. 

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