Best Router For 200Mbps – Reviews and Guides For Beginners (Updated 2021)

If you have a router that has a 200Mbps speed handling capacity, you can easily connect 50+ devices for normal internet browsing and 8 devices for streaming ultra-GH video at the same time.

But for this, you have to use the right router, however, don’t worry about that because here we have managed a review of the best router for 200Mbps.

We will not only cover a well-researched review of each model, but we will share a comprehensive guide on how you pick a 200Mbps router for your home or office.

Moreover, you’ll know about their benefits according to the features, and at the end of each review, you’ll know the pros, cons, and so on.

Before we get into the entire review,

The Rundown:

  1. Overall Best: NETGEAR R6700 – With 25 devices connecting ability, 1GHz dual-core processor, 3 amplified antennas, and up to 1750 Mbps Wireless Speed, this one is the overall best performer in the list.
  2. AiMesh Compatible: ASUS RT-AC68U – AiMesh is a new technology that has been used in this router which allows you to connect multiple ASUS routers to extend your wifi range.
  3. Easy Installation: Ancatus AX1800 – Anyone can set up the router even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you will only need to follow the user manual or their detailed setup video.
  4. Security King: GRYPHON AC3000 – They offer a daily security update feature to prevent the latest online threats, and you can block ads by their ad blocker, and more.
  5. Best Value: Speedefy AC1200 – As it’s an affordable router, it comes with several advanced features such as MU-MIMO, Beamforming technologies.

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router

Best Router For 200Mbps

As the first one for this top list, we have highlighted the Netgear R6700 wireless router and it seems it’s made for high performing internet browsing and online games.

There are already 35K+ 4.3-star reviews got the model and now it’s one of the most popular routers for 200Mbps in the market.

Features and Benefits:

Smooth Gaming Performance: It has an extreme 11AC speed and performance that allows lag-free gaming. The powerful dual-core 1GHz processor makes it more suitable for busy users because it can handle multiple devices simultaneously.

Trustworthy: We know Netgear is one of the most famous wireless device making companies with 20+ years of industry experience. So it is wrong to think that you will get bad products from them!

Airtime Fairness: This is somewhat a unique feature from Netgear, what does this feature do is when you connect an old device, it automatically handles the device and prevents the network lag

Reliability: This model is promised to provide a comfortable internet browsing experience, which means you can stay connected with your devices, your friends with less interference-prone streaming.

Their dual-band technology works delicately to offer 450Mbps for the 2.4GHz and 1300Mbps for the 5GHz band.

Beamforming Technology: The Beamforming technology will never end up boosting your poor connections and the advanced QoS technology will work perfectly to play an important role in providing smooth HD streaming and gaming.

Security: Protect your personal and family privacy with Netgear because the router features standard-based wifi security and automatic firmware update.


  • Vpn Support And Secure Remote Access To Your Wifi
  • Airtime Fairness
  • Smart Parental Controls
  • Attractive Design


  • A bit pricey

2. ASUS AC1900 WiFi Gaming Router

The primary reason for selecting this one on this list is it’s an 802.11ac router with great range and throughput. It can handle higher than 200Mbps speeds.

If you have a tricky wireless atmosphere that tends to begin coverage issues, this especially model will be enough for solving the issue.

Features and Benefits:

Design: If you love to use a compact size router on your table or wall, or just looking for a nice designed model with a simple style, you can look into this router. The black coloured stylish body will fit in any place.

Speed: As it says, it can provide optimized and combined dual-band speeds of up to 1900 Mbps which is three-time faster and stronger than 802.11n routers.

AiMesh: We highly appreciate this feature especially from ASUS, with this feature, you don’t need to buy an additional mesh wifi system or any other router, you can connect other compatible ASUS routers to make a strong and endless whole-home wifi network.

Ultrawide WiFi Coverage: Where this model offers high-performance antennas and AiRadar that will eliminate all your dead spots, why would you worry about your network coverage?

Security: The router comes with AiProtection which is handled by a high-security system called Trend Micro. This system is included in the router. It will help you block and neutralize network security hacking for your devices.


  • Simple And Clean Admin Panel To Control Everything
  • Commercial-grade Internet Security
  • Ipv6 Support And Encrypted Vpn Access.
  • Fast And Flexible Connectivity Options


  • The Router Does Not Offer Any Removable Stand

3. Ancatus-WiFi 6 Router802.11ax AX1800 Computer Router

The ANcatus AX1800 uses the latest wifi 6 technology that can give higher speed, good performance and less delay.

It can be used for covering an area of 2100 sq ft, which can be a great solution for medium and large home or office. It will not only meet your 200 Mbps speeds needs but also you can use it for multiple devices at the same time.

Features and Benefits:

Dual-Core Processor: The dual-core processor of 900 frequency per unit enables A6 to allow bandwidth up to 80Mhz on 5Ghz and 40Mhz on the 2.4 GHz band.

So you can smoothly watch live streaming, share any large files or media with your friends or family members without facing any issue.

Universal Compatibility: This model is suitable for most internet service providers and it allows all the oldest 802.11 wifi standard devices, but the router may not be able to work with some modified or outdated devices.

Connect Multiple Devices: With the help of OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology, the router can handle up to 40+ devices wirelessly and it also offers three Ethernet ports so you can connect your devices to get the fastest speed.

WPA3 Protection: WPA3 is the latest security protocol which is quite advanced and massively helps you protect your privacy, preventing you from online attacks.

Easiest Setup: Their easy and readable user manual can be used for a simple installation. You don’t need to download or install any additional app, all you can do from your wifi setting.


  • WiFi 6 Technology
  • WPA3 protocol
  • Easy installation
  • Lower Latency


  • The Brand is not much popular compared to others

4. GRYPHON – Advance Security & Parental Control Mesh WiFi Router

Although we’re working hard to find out the best router for 200mbps internet, however, if you have a large area with a lot of devices, a 200Mbps handing router will not be able to meet your entire needs.

There you have to use a mesh system wireless router like the GRYPHON AC300. As well as being a mesh router, it is also known as the security king on the market.

Features and Benefits:

As we mentioned it’s the best one in terms of security and performance, so we should start with its security first,

Protection: With the help of ESET technology, you can block ransomware and malware from coming into your devices. It has a device scanner that will scan all your devices when you first connect them to the router.

Besides, it includes a daily security update feature, advanced AdBlocker, and free automatic firmware updates.

Easy Set-up: The easily manageable app will let you control all the settings in one place, all you need to do is simply download and install their app from the play store or app store and follow their step by step guide.

Smart Mesh Wifi: Set up a whole-home mesh system with this router and get the fastest speed for streaming videos, playing online games, downloading files from the server and so on.

In addition to these features, the router also offers some advanced features such as MU-MIMO, Antenna Beamforming, Tri-Band Radio.


  • 6 high powered antennas
  • Malware Filtering Protection Security by ESET Technology
  • Tri-Band Frequency Band Class   
  • Simple Installation


  • The only issue with their high price range

5. Speedefy WiFi Router for Home

We’re on the last selected router and we want to complete the review with such an affordable model that has a lot of common and advanced features.

We have picked the Speedefy K4 model and as it’s a low-priced device, the only issue with this one is it’s using wifi 5, but the rest of the features are advanced and ideal for managing 200Mbps.

Features and Benefits:

Design: If you love a chubby design with black colour, you may love this model. The stylish outlook and lightweight body make it a bit unique router than others.

Processor: It comes with a single-core 1 GHz CPU, which can handle a 200Mbps speed smoothly, don’t think about the single-core processor power,

Even though we agree that a dual-core processor can provide more efficient computational power and faster processing speeds, we think a single-core processor can meet your specific needs.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup: It’s a common feature offered by most routers today, the primary job of this feature is to make the process of adding to a secure wireless network from a device.

MU-MIMO Technology: Once you connect your devices to the router, it will dramatically speed up your network with the help of MU-MIMO power.

We can’t even believe that how can they offer MU-MIMO technology at this price range? However, seems the company of this router want to offer their device at a reasonable price.

The pack contains one power adapter, one Ethernet Cable, one user guide, and 1 register card for their registered users.


  • The Price Is Within Your Reach
  • Simple Design
  • Guest Network Access
  • Parental Control
  • Lightweight Body


  • Single-core Processor
  • Only One Ethernet Port

Factors And Features To Consider Before Purchasing A Router For 200mbps

When you think about buying a 200 Mbps wireless router, there are so many factors you should look at to determine which one would be suitable for you and your needs.

We have listed some of the key considerable things such as technologies, coverage, antennas, wifi speeds, bands, and more.


With the advent of wifi, many technologies have been invented to make wifi more powerful, and MU-MIMO technology is one of them,

What this feature offers is it supports your router to provide a high connection to your multiple devices without losing bandwidth so that you can use all your devices at the same time smoothly.

You should also look at another feature called QoS, This would be a great feature if you want to prioritize a specific device for the highest bandwidth


WiFi coverage is one of the most important facts when you look for covering a large area with your network.

The more your router can cover, the more your devices will get the signal away from your router.

For example, Any router with 1500 sq ft coverage will be able to cover up to 3-4 rooms. So here is our suggestion: buy a router that has at last 1000 sq ft coverage.


Since we’re writing this post especially to give you a guide on buying a 200 Mbps router, it would be a better job to buy a router that can offer at least 200 Mbps or higher than that.

All the routers we have reviewed on this page have higher speed capacity than your requirements, So you have the freedom to choose any one of them.

Router’s Antennas

The antennas play a vital role in increasing the overall range of your router, but the antennas should be placed in the right position.

The more your router will have antennas, the more chance is to get a better signal from your router to your devices.


In this feature, there are two types of bands, Dual and Tri bands, all the routers with dual-band offers 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

Tri-band, on the other hand, broadcasts three dedicated bands, a 2.4Ghz band and two separate 5Ghz bands; it’s like having three dedicated networks in your one router.

We don’t say that dual-band routers are not perfect for your current needs dual-band routers have changed the wifi revolution, however, People are getting into the Tri-band router because of their 3 dedicated bands.

Is 200 Mbps Fast Enough For Gaming?

Determining a fast wifi speed for online gaming depends on the game you want to play. Playing a game that requires downloading a lot of high-quality graphic files will need high-speed internet.

But when you play a normal online game that doesn’t need to download or transfer real-time data will require a low-speed wifi connection like 10-15Mbps.

Since your question to us is 20 Mbps fast enough for gaming, we can shortly answer the question, yes, it’s not only perfect but also a 200Mbps wifi speed will be enough for you.

Let’s show you a recommendation guide on this topic from Cody Packer, he said that the best internet speeds for online gaming depend primarily on casual gaming or competition.

He suggests 20Mbps download and 5Mbps upload speed for casual and for competitive gaming, 50 Mbps download and 10Mbps internet speeds

Normally if you look at all the high-ping online games in the market such as Minecraft, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, PUBG, Valorant, you can see that these online games only need 1-10 Mbps speed to run.

So it can be said that  200Mbps speed will be enough for online gaming, however, it’s not usually required.

FAQ Section:

Which router is best for 200Mbps?

You may find a huge number of routers that are suitable for 200Mbps, however, you can’t rely on all of these, to find the best one, you’ll need to research a lot.

but for your convenience, we can suggest the NETGEAR R6700 wireless router for its performance.

Can My Router Handle 200 Mbps?

Before asking the question, read your router configuration to know if your router can handle 200 Mbps or not, hopefully, we’ll get your answer!

How do I get 200Mbps WiFi?

If your router can handle 200Mbps and you’re getting the same speed from your internet service provider, you may need to use an ethernet cable to get the full 200Mbps from your router, wirelessly you’ll not be able to get the actual speed.

Is 200mbps WiFi fast?

The answer is “No” because 200Mbps is an entry-level internet speed, it’s most likely fast for most people, but not as fast as you think, 1,000 Mbps is called the fastest speed.

Can 2.4 GHz support 200 Mbps?

Your thoughts are too small because 2.4GHz can support up to 450-600Mbps, so if you want to use 200Mbps on your router’s 2.4GHz band, you’ll get a higher speed.

How many devices can 200 Mbps support?

If you want to stream with up to 8 devices at the same time, a 200 Mbps line would be perfect, but this will be only possible if you use a broadband internet connection.

How Can I Make My 2.4 GHz Faster?

What you can do is simply move your router to a better position and adjust the router’s antennas properly, these two tips can boost up a little bit of your 2.4Ghz band speed.


When you are looking for the best router for 200Mbps, the first thing is to identify the speed handling capacity of the router.

With this in mind, all the routers that have been reviewed on this page are suitable for managing 200Mbps and higher than that speed.

But for your convenience, you can try the NETGEAR R6700, we suggest this one because of its overall performance.

Remember that we can just give you a guide and review according to our hard research, but at the end of the day, The money will cost out of your pocket.

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