Best Router For Apartment Building – Reviews and Buying Guides! (Updated 2021)

A simple router is enough for a single or double room, but when it comes to buying a router for an entire apartment building, you should look at a router that will meet all your requirements.

This is where we’re going to provide you with an extensive review of the best router for the apartment building, we’ll also highlight their features, benefits, pros, cons, and more!

However, always remember that picking a good router is not as easy as you imagine, you’ll need to consider your apartment building size, how many people will use your wifi, coverage, and so on.

So stay connected with the page and read the entire reviews to get a comprehensive guide on this!

So let’s get started!

The Rundown Section:

  • Best-Selling: NETGEAR R6120 – This one has got the higher position on Amazon for its overall best performance.
  • Next-Gen Speeds: TP-Link AX1800 – It offers incredibly rapid dual-band speeds for a truly immersive entertainment experience.
  • Easy Set up: ASUS RT-ACRH13 – With their app, anyone can simply set up the whole set-up in a moment and control all the things in one place.
  • Excellent Online Experience: Speedefy (Model K4) – It uses MU-MIMO and Beamforming Technology which delivers a great online experience and reduces buffering when you browse the internet.
  • Great Customer Support: Motorola MR2600 – With this one, you’ll get expert and friendly customer support from the USA and it comes with 2 years warranty.
  • Covers Your Apartment: Tenda RX3 – A 1.5GHz high-performance quad-core processor powers the router so that you can boost your overall internet speed capacity for your apartment building.
  • Reliable: Linksys EA7300 – The Next-Gen AC wifi technology will work as a separate router for your multiple devices at the same speed and same time, so you can enjoy high-quality streaming videos and online games.

1. NETGEAR WiFi Router (R6120) – AC1200

Best Router For Apartment Building

The Netgear R6120 wireless router is the first pick on our list for the apartment building with good signal strength.

However, we’ll only suggest this one if you’re looking for a router that you want to use on 2 floors in your home by placing it on the first floor because the router can cover up to 1200 sq ft and 2- devices at a time.

Features and Benefits

WiFi Range: Although Netgear has said that it can be a great pick for a large home, but we don’t think so, however, you can use it for small to middle-sized apartments because the coverage of this router is up to 1200 sq ft.

Reliability: In terms of providing reliability, Netgear never compromises because it has 2 dedicated wifi band that reduce wifi interference and double the bandwidth, and it’s compatible with the current and future wireless devices.

Endless Sharing Experience: It has a ReadySHARE USB access that let you wirelessly access and share USB hard drives with the help of one USB port, and it also has 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports for faster file sharing!

Security: Netgear is the oldest player in this wireless and wifi market and they know how security is important for their users, that’s why they manage high security across the network to make sure your privacy is safe enough from online!


  • Separate Access For Guests
  • 128-bit AES Encryption with PSK Security
  • Affordable Price
  • Devices management is good


  • Frequent wifi disconnects issue will be detected on large apartments

2. TP-Link WiFi 6 Router AX1800 Smart WiFi Router

With over 1700+ 4.5 star customers reviews on Amazon, the TP-Link AX1800 is flying in the sky of success.

The most important thing about the router is it has a smart connect feature, which will allow it to decide which devices connect 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz which to coexist on your network.

In addition to this, the router also offers a vast number of benefits, let’s take a short look!

Quad-Core Processing: To ensure a smooth connection between your connected devices and router, The 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU plays a great role during your online browsing.

Next-Gen Speed: For any apartment building, the higher the speed router you use, the better performance you will get. For this, the next-gen 1.8 Gbps speeds will vastly help you to enjoy smooth streaming, downloading, and high-ping gaming without buffering.

WiFi 6: We were really happy when we saw the WiFi 6 release on the market because wifi 6 is such a supportive innovation that communicate more data to more devices with the help of revolutionary OFDMA technology!

Easy Controlling App: No matter where you are, the TP-Link app will let you manage all the settings quite quickly and easily, and the installation process is also super simple!


  • An Ideal Buy At This Price For Wifi-6
  • Support Multiple Devices At The Same Time
  • Backwards Compatible
  • Extensive Coverage


  • They Only Offer One USB 2.0 Port

3. ASUS AC1300 WiFi Router (RT-ACRH13)

When you move from your old apartment to a new building, the budget can be another important fact for you! You’ll need to buy a lot of stuff for the new place.

However we don’t think that you should have a great budget for a good router, and this is where the ASUS AC1300 wireless router comes in!

Features and Benefits:

Uninterrupted Wifi Signal: With four high-gain antennas and advanced technologies, the router will deliver a long working range and the 802.11ac support is ideal for streaming 4K videos and playing heavy online games.

Multiple Devices Simultaneously: Their MU-MIMO technology works well with the 256MB memory and In the middle, you’ll enjoy the full-speed connection for your multiple devices.

Optimized Processor: The latest quad-core A7 is a powerful processor for this RT-AC1300 that ensure a strong signal and responsive network performance in every corner of your apartment building!

ASUS AiCloud: This feature is surely unique and most important for our daily life! What it does is connects your home network and online web storage services and will give you access to the saved files via the ASUS AiCloud app.

If you wish you can save, share your daily photos directly with platforms such as Dropbox, Flickr, and Facebook from the AiCloud app.


  • Four Gigabit Lan Ports And USB 3.0 Port
  • Easy Setup And Parental Control
  • Four High-gain Antennas
  • Asus Aicloud Supported


  • There Is No Custom Firmware Support

4. Speedefy WiFi Router for Home

All the routers from the Speedefy brand are not familiar much in the current market, so if you’re one of them, You may be confused as to whether you should use it.

However, we’ll highly recommend this one to try because we have found this router is too useful for apartment usage.

Features and Benefits:

Dual-Band AC1200: As we know, all the dual-band routers separately work with two dedicated bands, 5GHz 2.4GHz and 5GHz allow rapid speed and the 2.4 GHz band helps to prevent the network from arising wireless interference.

Better CPU: The entire router is handled by a single-core 1GHz CPU that will keep your router running well and provide a hassle-free connection!

Speedefy Multi-Device Connection: As with other routers, MU-MIMO technology has been used in the router and it will help to decrease the time each device has to wait for a signal and automatically boost up the speed.

Security: To protect your privacy, The Speedefy K4 use WPA/WPA2-PSK hybrid encryption so that nobody can’t see and hack the privacy between your router and the internet.

Moreover, it has some advanced features such as AP mode expands WiFi coverage, parental controlling, guest network access, and so on.


  • WPA/WPA2-PSK hybrid encryption
  • The web interface is very clean
  • Ideal For Small and medium-size Homes
  • Compact size
  • AP mode to extend the WiFi coverage remotely.


  • Speedefy should make the installation process simple

5. Motorola AC2600 4×4 WiFi Smart Gigabit Router

This model will be preferable for high-ping online games and 4K video streaming in a small building, So if you’re looking for the best wifi router for a small apartment, You’re just seeing the right one!

Because the Motorola AC2600 can handle concurrent 4×4 performance for both 2.4 and 5 GHz connections.

Features and Benefits:

Powerful Antennas: To make better wifi for their users, Motorola added four adjustable antennas which will boost the range the network performance!

Compatible For Cable Modem: If you have any cable modem service providers in your apartment area, you can plug the router with their service to get the best out of smooth network performance.

Gigabit Ethernet Ports: If you and some of your family members want to stream video at the same time, you don’t need to worry about that because it has 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports that can be used to connect your computers, laptops directly from the router.

Blazing Fast WiFi: MU-MIMO and Beamforming technologies will work together to help the router communicate with your multiple devices at the same speed.


  • Smart QoS
  • Support For Up To 253 Client Devices
  • User-friendly Firewall
  • Port Forwarding/Dmz Support
  • Dual-core Processor


  • A Bit Expensive

6. Tenda Wi-Fi 6 Router AX1800 Smart WiFi Router

In a simple word, the Tenda RX3 is going to provide you with great value for your investment, because this model is available at a mid-range price and comes with lots of advanced features.

Since it’s another router with two dedicated bands, the 2.4GHz will provide 574Mbps and 1201Mbps on the 5GHz, and we highly believe that this speed range will be enough for any mid-large size apartment.

Features and Benefits:

Built-in Signal Enhancement Module: what it does is adopt a 5GHz dedicated WLAN full-featured front-end module which ensures a stronger multi-story apartment wifi coverage. All the dead zones and corners will be fulfilled by your wifi signal.

Wi-Fi 6: If you’re familiar with this wifi 6, you may know that wifi 6 does not only help in boosting the wifi signal but also plays a vital role in connecting more devices without any lagging issue.

Universal Repeater Mode: It will offer an option to work as an access point client and AP at the same time, and you can use the AP function to add to a root AP and use the AP option to service all the wireless locations within your coverage.

Bandwidth Control: You can assign a particular minimum or maximum bandwidth for every single device to avoid high interference on each other.

Nowadays these features are quite needed if you have a lot of devices connected to your network.


  • Smart Traffic Prioritisation
  • Smart LED on/off Button
  • 1.8GHz Quad-Core CPU
  • Spread its signal all around an apartment
  • Connect up to 64 Devices


  • Normal Web Interface

7. Linksys AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router

We want to complete this review of the best wireless router for multiple floors with a high-speed guaranteed router called Linksys AC1700.

However, there are so many reasons behind why we have picked this one for this top list, let’s describe them with their benefits, pros, and cons.

Features and Benefits:

Combined Speeds: Although maximum numbers of routers provide speed via their two bands separately, in the case of this one, you’ll see the AC1750 will give a combined speed of up to 1.7Gbps.

Alexa Supported: If you would like to use the Amazon Alexa service in your apartment to make your life easier, all you need to do is just command the right words and enjoy the advantage of the latest technology.

USB 3.0 Port: 2.0 USB ports can transfer data well, but 3.0 can transfer data 10 times faster than 2.0, so of course you should try the 3.0 port for sharing files and media with the Linksys EA7300.

128-bit Encryption: It’s such a security method that uses a 128-bit key to encrypt and decrypt your data and files. This security feature is one of the most secure encryption techniques used by only powerful routers like this one.

In addition to these features and benefits, we think features such as easy management, guest access, good security, and powerful antennas are common in the current market.


  • Browser-based Setup
  • Works From Anywhere In A Large House
  • Great Signal Coverage
  • Prompt And Speedy Hardware
  • Unbreakable Encryption Security
  • Ac1750 Mu-MIMO Technology


  • Size Is A Bit Large

Factors And Features To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Router For Apartment Building:

You should not pick a router before considering these key facts, even if you’re not going to buy one, for now, you should know these things.

This section will highlight the most noticeable things such as apartment size, coverage, gigabit ports, number of devices you want to connect, wifi security, and so on!

Apartment Size:

The first thing we should think about is how big your apartment is and how many rooms do you have within the building.

If you have a total number of 20 rooms, you’ll surely require to set up a wifi mesh system in your apartment, but if you just have 2-8 rooms, all the mentioned routers will play an important role in providing good service!

WiFi Coverage:

Good wifi coverage is required when you are looking for the best wifi router for a small or big apartment. It’s always better to select a router that has a higher coverage capacity because obstructions like a concrete wall, ceiling or furniture can decrease the router’s original range!

For instance, you can buy the TP-Link AX1800. It has great coverage and can offer a smooth connection for all your connected devices.

Gigabit Ports

Gigabit port is not an important fact if you just want to connect your devices wirelessly, it’s only important when you want to connect your devices with an Ethernet cable.

But we think it’s always better to buy a router that offers at least 2-3 Gigabit ports. Maybe one day you will need them a lot!

Number of Devices

The most important fact! A normal router can smoothly handle 2-5 devices at the same time, but when you need to connect more devices like up to 10-50 devices,

So, You should go for buying a router that can handle multiple devices. For this case, you can look at the Linksys EA7300.


Protecting privacy from the internet is now a big issue, but a secure router can help you with that! Select a router that includes security features such as WPA2, WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA, WPS, and WPA2-PSK.

But some routers offer their officially developed security feature, so you should try to find out that type of router for better security!

How To Set Up the Internet In an Apartment?

Configuring the internet in any apartment is not a hard task, all you need to have basic knowledge about routers, internet services, and some other initial things!

In this section, we will shortly guide you on this topic, but before we start guiding you, let’s take a look at the required tools that you’ll need to set up the internet line!

  • An ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • A Router
  • An Ethernet Cable
  • Power Source
  • A Device to Connect With The Router

Well, Assuming you have all the required things, now looking for a guide, follow the below section!

Step #1: First of all, choose a reliable internet service provider and make sure that they are offering their service via wire directly from the main point of the network. You should not use any wireless-based service because you may suffer some network issues!

Step #2: The most noticeable point, while a normal router might be fine for your small area, a powerful router is a must in your large apartment. But since we surely don’t know the size of your area, you can buy a router according to your needs!

Note: When buying a router for any specific ISP, make sure you have checked the router’s configuration to confirm whether the router is suitable for your ISP.

Step #3: Now you will need to connect your router with the ISP, for this, you can get some help from the service provider, they will help you connect the router with their server and set up all the basic things such as creating a new username and password.

Step #4: Once it’s done, You can ask them if you can connect your device or not! If they agree, then connect your mobile wirelessly to check whether your internet is working or not with the right password!

If it’s work, then great, but if you would like to connect the network for your computer, you’ll need to use an Ethernet cable, just connect one point into the router and another point to the computer!

FAQ Section:

Can You Use A Router In An Apartment?

Why not? Even an apartment is a great place where wifi can be used smoothly if the router you use is powerful. But if the area and room size are high, you’ll surely need to install a mesh wifi system!

How Do I Get The Internet In My Apartment?

We should not answer this question shortly, because it will depend on the area you’re living in right now, but most of the time, the internet service providers are available all over the world, you can call your local service providers and get a connection by paying a monthly bill.

Is 5ghz Good For Apartments?

Yes and we highly appreciate the innovation of 5GHz in the wifi technology, 5GHz is perfect for apartments because it has lower interference than 2.4GHz.

How Can I Boost My Apartment Wifi Signal?

Better position your router and place the antennas facing your device, it will boost the overall signal of your wifi, however, you can also block all the unused devices while you’re connected!

How Long Does It Take To Set Up The Internet In A New Apartment?

This will also hinge on your location. Generally, when you order an internet line from an ISP, they will set up all the things within 10 days, But it can be late or early for various reasons!


At the ending moment of reviewing the Best Router For an Apartment Building, if you ask for a high recommendation for the best one from the list, We may not be able to give an easy answer.

However, if we list them according to their quality and price range, the NETGEAR R6120 will be the perfect one in terms of providing the overall best performance

The ASUS RT-ACRH13 can go to your home for its easy installation facilities and powerful data handling capacities.

And finally, the Linksys EA7300 might be your next choice if you have a large apartment with lots of devices!

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