Top High-Tech Cars To Drive In 2023

A car is not just a means of transportation anymore. Each manufacturer tries their best to impress customers with something, so cars are now equipped with high-tech features that provide convenience and safety for drivers and passengers.

It’s even not an exaggeration anymore to call modern cars true computers on wheels. Moreover, technology is developing at a tremendous speed and becoming more perfect with each iteration. What seemed impossible yesterday has become common knowledge today, so a lot of people want to get a smart car. We have made a list of the most high-tech cars for you to check.

BMW 5 Series

BMW believes its 5 Series models to be the most technologically advanced cars to date. The touchscreen front panel with gesture recognition is a pretty cool feature to have in a vehicle. There are also several more aspects of functionality to take a look at like the ability to park the car using the key fob as a remote control.

Also, the BMW 5 Series cars have a 360-degree view system that can send images to your smartphone. Another function to mention is using voice commands to start and stop it and open and lock the doors by talking to the key fob.

Cars like these can definitely be called VIP cars. BMW 5 Series is something you can drive around the city and catch the attention of other people. Just imagine: you are looking for VIP cars Dubai can offer and find a vehicle like this. Rented vehicle, especially rented BMW, can transform your imagination about driving. Try hiring a car and you’see how awesome the journey on the rented iron horse is!

Audi A8

This sedan is really comfortable. On-board WiFi for up to 8 connections is a part of the latest Audi connect technology solution, a new format for infotainment features that takes comfort and driving pleasure to a whole new level.

audi-Top High-Tech Cars To Drive

So, if each of your kids has an iPad in their hand, they will peacefully fall asleep while watching YouTube videos.

Tesla Model S

The 5-door hatchback has a leather interior, unique wheels and optics, and refined features of Maserati and Jaguar. The instrument panel has two displays. One screen shows detailed information about the vehicle’s state in motion, including data from the ammeter. The second screen is for adjusting the electronic systems.

Three options for assembling a machine with different batteries are available to consumers. In general, the car can travel 450 km or 280 miles without recharging. You can charge an electric car at home (takes up to 15 hours), from a charger (up to 8 hours), or at a specialized station (20 minutes).

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Another representative of the German automotive industry focused on passenger comfort. Of course, the main technological innovations went to its flagship S-Class sedan.

mercedes-Top High-Tech Cars To Drive

The MBUX multimedia system adapts to your preferences. You can select your own functions for the five gestures that are recognized by the touchscreen or touchpad on the center console. This allows you to quickly adjust seats, change suspension settings, and control music on the go without taking your eyes off the road. Also, some models have a “car wash” mode: The car raises the suspension, closes windows and hatches, turns off the windshield wipers, and gives hints for moving in a narrow box.

The car takes care of the safety of passengers. When the Energizing Coach function is activated, it adjusts the climate control, ambient lighting, and multimedia system to keep the driver as alert as possible.

Honda Odyssey

Minivans are becoming smarter too. The manufacturer has recently introduced many technologies designed to make the family car ultra-smart and highly efficient.

Now, in addition to the 360-degree view and night vision, there is an internal overhead camera that allows the driver to check everything that happens in the car. The driver can use the microphone to talk to passengers.

Rear seat passengers can use wireless headphones and smartphone apps to track their journey on the 10-inch GPS monitor, adjust heating and air conditioning, and play music and movies.

Wrapping it up

Most likely, in 5-10 years, the features of the above-listed cars will not surprise anyone. After all, progress does not stand still, and more technologically advanced vehicles appear every year. But for now, these machines are top-tier in the industry.