Taking a Look into Paraphraser.io: Smart or Scam?

Content has become an essential aspect of a business or personal endeavor in this digital era. But besides other factors, high-quality and engaging content are crucial for success in the digital age. To cater to this, developers have developed several tools. And one such tool is Paraphraser.io.

Paraphraser.io is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that helps users to paraphrase any text while keeping its actual meaning. But is using this tool a wise choice? Today, we’ll find out the answer to this question here.

Here, we’ll take an in-depth look at the results and working of Paraphraser.io to determine whether it’s worth using. So, let’s begin.

A Brief Overview of Paraphraser.io’s Working

Paraphraser.io is a web application that automates the task of paraphrasing with the help of its advanced AI algorithms. This freemium web app allows visitors or unregistered users to process 600 words for free in one try. However, if people want to paraphrase 601-1500 words in one shot with this tool, they must purchase its premium plan.

This paraphrasing tool uses an NLP-based advanced AI to paraphrase the entered text, like humans. The NLP (or Natural Language Processing) technology assists this tool in understanding the meaning of the uploaded text. So, the advanced AI uses the understanding from the NLP algorithm to keep the original meaning intact during paraphrasing.

As far as the rewording and modification of sentence structures are concerned, this paraphrasing tool uses the facilities of its advanced AI that works on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. Since GPT-3 has been trained on the writing styles of human writers, its paraphrasing engine is advanced enough to reword the entered text like humans.

How Does This Web Application Generate the Results?

Undoubtedly, advanced algorithms take care of the paraphrasing process in this tool. But besides advanced algorithms, Paraphraser.io provides five modes to present the users with multiple paraphrasing variations for one input.

Since we want to determine whether using Paraphraser.io is a smart choice or not, we’ll check the working and output of each mode here. And for that, we’ll use a text sample with bad readability and grammatical errors:

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Sample Text: Me and my frens go to the parti. We had fun, dansed and ate lots of food. My favrit was the cake, it was so yummy. I`m tirrd now.

Note: We have highlighted the spelling mistakes for your ease.

As you can see, the above text has grammar, spelling, and readability issues, including informal language, incorrect verb tenses, and abbreviations. All these issues make the text difficult to understand, ultimately impacting its persuasiveness. So, let’s run the ‘Sample Text’ into the modes of Paraphraser.io and determine whether this tool improves the above-specified sample or not.

  • Fluency Mode – Available for Visitors or Unregistered Users

As the name depicts, this mode will focus on content fluency while paraphrasing it. So, upon running the above-specified ‘Sample Text’ into this mode, we’ve got the following output:

This output indicates that the tool has corrected grammatical errors and improved the readability of text by making it fluent. So, this mode is legit and you can use it to make your writing piece more fluent.

  • Standard Mode – Available for Visitors or Unregistered Users

This mode goes one step ahead of ‘Fluency. That’s because, besides correcting grammatical mistakes, it also enhances the text’s vocabulary. So, this mode has modified the above-specified ‘Sample Text’ in the following way:

As the above picture indicates, the tool has brought variety to the text’s vocabulary by appropriately using synonyms. So, it is another legit mode of Paraphraser.io and you can use it to reduce the repetition of words in your writing.

  • Creative Mode – Available for Premium Members Only

As the name depicts, the ‘Creative’ mode will creatively change the sentence structure and use wording during paraphrasing. So, after running the above-specified ‘Sample Text’ into this mode, we’ve got the following output: 

As shown in the above output, the tool has modified the entire text structure while keeping the original meaning intact. Besides, the content looks more readable in this output. So, this mode is not a scam, as it can prove handy in creatively expressing an existing idea during writer’s block.

  • Smarter Mode – Available for Premium Members Only
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The ‘Smarter’ mode intelligently uses the combination of ‘Fluency,’ ‘Standard’ and ‘Creative’ methods. Therefore, this mode’s output will show slight sentence modifications and vocabulary variance.

According to the above output, this mode is also legit. So, if you are a premium member, you can use it to enjoy the benefits of the previous three methods.

  • Shorten Mode – Available for Premium Members Only

Unlike the above-discussed four modes, this mode of Paraphraser.io aims to shrink the text’s length. Therefore, to check its usability, we’ll use a sample from our previous work on yoga’s benefits.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and has been shown to have numerous health benefits.

One of the best-known benefits of yoga is its positive impact on mental health.

Regular yoga practice has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression while improving mood and general well-being.

Research has shown that yoga can stimulate the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine, which can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Additionally, yoga helps improve sleep, increase self-awareness and boost confidence, all of which contribute to better mental health.

After running this sample into the ‘Shorten’ mode of Paraphraser.io, we’ve got the following output:

As the above image indicates, the ‘Shorten’ mode has reduced the text’s length by keeping the necessary parts and eliminating the unnecessary ones. So, this mode is not a scam; you can use it to get a gist of lengthy text.

Pricing Plan of This Web Utility

Now that you’ve seen the working of different modes available in Paraphraser.io, you may want to know about the available pricing options in this tool. So, for the ease of users, this tool offers three pricing plans:

  • Weekly

This pricing plan is suitable for individuals who want to use this tool for personal endeavors. That’s because it starts at $7 only.

  • Monthly

If users feel uncomfortable with the weekly plan, they can use the monthly subscription of this tool for $20.

  • Yearly

This pricing scheme suits individuals uncomfortable with the $20 (monthly) plans. That’s because by subscribing to this pricing plan, users can enjoy the same features for $12.5/month.

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Here’s a closer look at the different pricing plans available in this tool:

Weighing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Paraphraser.io

Since this guide differentiates between the intelligent and scam nature of this AI paraphrasing tool, it’s essential to discuss its pros and cons as well. So, here are some factors that can act as the advantages and disadvantages of this utility:


  • The UI and UX of this web utility look intuitive, as every available option is self-explanatory.
  • As the results of the above modes indicate, this tool performs human-level paraphrasing. So, you can use it for performing many tasks, such as increasing the readability, changing the delivery tone, or shortening the length of content.
  • Despite being accurate, this web utility has one of the fastest paraphrasing engines. In fact, it took 5-7 seconds to generate the ‘Paraphrased Text’ for input during testing.
  • Since this tool generates human-level paraphrasing, its output will not contain spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Paraphraser.io is ideal for content agencies and individual writers who work internationally. That’s because it supports 21 languages besides English.
  • Users can even add the functionality of this tool’s paraphrasing engine to their platform. However, they have to use its API integration or download its WordPress plugin for that.
  • Besides the web utility variant, you can use this tool in the form of an android, iOS/macOS, and Windows application. So, the platform support is rich in this paraphrasing tool.


  • Only ‘Fluency’ and ‘Standard’ modes are available in the free plan.
  • The API integration is only available for premium members.

Final Verdict – The Conclusion

All in all, Paraphraser.io is a handy utility. That’s because it can improve the content’s readability, modify the delivery tone and produce a concise version of the input. Besides, this tool’s advanced and AI-based paraphrasing engine allows it to rephrase the text as humans.

So, considering these benefits and the output quality of this web utility, it is definitely not a scam. Instead, it is a smart solution for people suffering from continuous writer’s block. And people from all around the globe can benefit from this tool because it is accessible in multiple languages.

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