Secrets of Popular Instagram Content

In 2022, Instagram has become an integral part of our lives. Instagram helps us connect with people from different parts of the world, follow celebrities, tell people your story and promote our brand. In 2022, there were 2 billion active users on Instagram. From this, it is very easy to understand that Instagram is a platform with a lot of competition.

Do your activity in the feed and stories not bring results? Do you think that the efforts spent on developing a business or a blog on Instagram do not pay off? The answer to the question “Why?” in your content plan. Also, follow these tips for Instagram stories to get good business results.

Content types

There are four main types of content:

  1. Advertising/sales content motivates people to make purchases. These are publications about goods and services, discounts, special offers, etc. In the text, mention free shipping, promotions, and gifts. For example, you are a flower shop in Dubai offering fresh bouquets of flowers for sale or flower delivery. You can post a special offer “Only in September flower delivery Dubai same day is free”. Your task is to interest the client
  2. Engaging content – polls, tests, reviews, provocative texts and photos, what makes users want to react to the publication.
  3. Educational/informational content – answers your customers’ questions, informs them and provides useful knowledge that resonates with your business. For example, you are an interior designer, and you can post about “Creating Mindfulness in the Home“.
  4. Branded content is the collaboration of a brand with opinion leaders. But this is not a repost of the advertiser’s post, but the original post of the person who advertises the brand. Branded content contains a mention of the company and is designed to form a positive attitude towards the brand among potential customers.
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Choosing an account type

The functionality of the profile depends on the type of Instagram account. Choose the right type based on the goals you want to achieve.

If your goal is communication and entertainment, choose a personal account type. It is suitable for those who do not monetize their account and maintain a page for themselves and friends. All functions for creating content are available here: publishing posts, releasing stories, live broadcasts, an active link in BIO. This type of account does not have access to statistics.

If your goal is to sell products or services, choose a business account. A business account gives you access to features that are not available with a personal account. Advertising is also added to the main functions, An option for stores that allows you to mark the goods sold on your publications, indicate their price and a link to the site, Statistics, Direct Functions, Verification, clickable links in stories.

If your goal is to communicate with the audience, that is, blogging, then we recommend choosing an author account. The features of an author account and a business account are similar. It is possible to select a category of activity, for example, to indicate that you are a writer, artist or maintain a personal blog.

How to create a content plan for Instagram

A content plan is a schedule of regulated posts for a week, month, or year. It can be on sheets of paper, in Excel spreadsheets, Google spreadsheets, or in special applications. Its purpose, as an SMM tool, is to develop business, save time and regulate posting.

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The best solution is to create a content plan for a month. By sticking to a daily posting schedule for 30 days, you will ensure more accurate marketing strategy analysis results. At the same time, every week track the results in terms of reach, likes and comments and make changes to the plan.

In principle, the main part is already over, it remains only to determine your target audience, plan the frequency of publications. And then start analyzing whether the content plan works or not. If you don’t like some results, then you can easily make changes to the already drawn up plan.