5 Reasons Why Your Internet Is Slow

A slow internet connection is as torturous as it can be. It is something you cannot ignore. Imagine working on an important report and all of a sudden, something terrible happens, your internet stops working. A wave of stress hits you and you are in a stuck situation. Is it a cheap router or a low-quality internet service provider? Or was it the background programs being the cause of slowing internet speeds.

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5 Reasons Why Your Internet Connection Is Slow

One of the easiest ways to gain greater bandwidth is to upgrade to a faster internet plan. Every business has gone online these days and you definitely need fast internet to keep up with the growing internet usage. Having said that, here is a look at the top reasons that can be causing the internet speeds to slow down.

1.The Network might be congested

Often cable internet providers suffer from speed slowdowns. This is common during peak hours when everyone else is active and using the internet. This makes the network overcrowded and speeds slow down. It is just like a traffic jam on a road. When there is too much traffic on the road, it can get jammed. Similarly, during peak hours, all users are competing for bandwidth.

This results in network congestion. If it gets worse, the service provider might also throttle your network. You cannot do much about it as you cannot ask everyone to get offline so you can carry your online meeting or gaming session. But what you can practically do is to schedule your high-priority tasks during the off-rush hours like late at night.

2.Your Data Cap has exceeded

Most internet service providers impose certain monthly data limits. If a user exceeds this monthly data cap, the provider will slow down your connection speed. Some providers have an immense data cap of up to 1 TB and they are almost impossible to achieve. While on the other hand, there can be plans with smaller data caps. 

So if you want to avoid any speed inconvenience, be sure to choose plans with preferably no data caps or huge ones that are impractical to exceed for your household. We see more providers eliminating their data cap policies to keep up with the growing competition in the industry and gain more customer attention.

3.Your device is outdated

Maybe the problem is not with your connection but with your device. The smartphone, laptop, gaming console, or tablet you are using to access the internet might be outdated and not able to cope with the Wi-Fi speeds.

You can try clearing the memory and closing any background apps, for improving the internet speeds. Remove any unwanted files and try restarting the device or optimum functioning conditions.

4.Your Provider is Throttling your data

Your slow internet speed can be because of data throttling. If you are recently facing lags and speed slowdowns and have tried the aforementioned tips, yet witnessed no significant difference. Then it might be due to your ISP throttling your connection. 

Providers throttle internet speeds if you have exceeded the data cap or during peak usage hours. What you can do is run a speed test to find out your current internet speeds and install a VPN to improve the connection speed.

5.Your internet Plan is Slow-Upgrade it

If none of the above hacks seem to work, then it is time you upgrade to a higher-speed internet plan. Your current plan might not be capable of coping with your current excessive internet usage. So look for a better plan with faster speed and greater consistency for sufficing your household connectivity needs.

Final Words

The internet speed issues might stem either from your provider end or your device end. You should definitely consider the aforementioned reason for speed slowdowns and lags. Once you have figured out the reason, you can fix it and enjoy maximum bandwidth speeds.