Push Notifications vs SMS vs Email marketing: Which is the best way to Reach Customers?

Push notifications, SMS, and Email- are present-day marketing channels with their own sets of pros and cons but which one should be used to reach your users. Read this blog to know.


Over time, the marketing strategy has grown and even shifted from traditional to digital. Now, there are three modern-day marketing channels such as SMS, email, and push notifications available through which any business owner can boost user experience.

But, one question that always comes to the mind of marketers is which one is the best communication channel to reach customers.

Does this question also make you confused?  

Well, we have an answer to this question. In this blog, we will evaluate the pros and cons of three current online marketing channels so that you can figure out which is the best way to reach your customers.

The Topmost Way To Reach Your Users

Email, Push notifications, and Email Marketing are the three online marketing channels to reach your customers. But, it is not a piece of cake to choose one over another. Your main goal should be providing the right information to your customers without making them frustrated with spam.

No one can deny that SMS and Email have been the most effective interactive channel for decades but with the advent of technology, so many features have been released and push notification is one of them. 

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Without any further ado, let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of each channel; SMS, email, push notifications

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Email Marketing

It is impossible to imagine an eCommerce website communicating with its customers without sending emails. Although email marketing is ubiquitous, it still has some drawbacks.

eCommerce business owners use email to ask for feedback from their users. And customers keep emails to read them later. Plus, emails are also utilized to update users about their account changes. So, we can say that emails are an integral part of eCommerce businesses.

Do you think it is a good idea to use email as an online marketing channel? 

Well, yes, it is a good way to use email as a digital marketing channel but when the offer is not time-limited. 

This is because the majority of emails may sit unread in the user’s inboxes for some time before the receiver opens them.

That’s why do not use this type of marketing channel for such kind of information that is required to be read immediately.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of SMS

SMS has a more open rate than email. eCommerce business owners use SMS for time-sensitive offers like exclusive offers, discounts, and good deliveries. These event-triggered messages assist you to reach your customers effectively.

Additionally, SMS not only helps you to interact with your customers with text but also helps you to connect with your customers with links as well as videos.

To make an effective interaction, SMS should be concise.

Despite having pros, SMS is not convenient when users use DND services. Users do this to not get marketing SMS. Generally, DND services stop all marketing SMS immediately. 

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In this way, so many marketing SMS are stopped in the filters. So, you can not be hundred percent sure whether your marketing SMS would reach your customers or not.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Push Notifications

Email & SMS have been in the market for decades. Push notification, at present, the novelist online marketing channel, is getting popular because of its advanced features.

Actually, marketers are switching from traditional marketing to online marketing. To put it simply, the trend is rapidly shifting towards push notifications.

As compared to email and SMS, push notifications are less annoying and an effective approach to reaching your users.

Android Push notifications are short messages that pop up on a user’s Android device. Generally, Push notifications are used for reminding users about any event. eCommerce business owners send push notifications to their customers to make them aware of new brands.

One of the pivotal features of these notifications is their customizability which enables online business owners to target the audience based on their location, product tastes, and gender.

In addition to it, android push notifications are best for boosting user engagement by adding emojis, images, and gifs to them.

With push notifications, your users can choose your alerts without revealing their personal details. However, in the case of SMS and Email, you need the email and contact number of your users to send information.

Regarding the drawbacks of push notifications, there is a limitation on characters. Plus, push notifications are quite expensive. But with research, you can find self-introduced push notifications.

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The Bottom Line

We have compared Push notification, SMS, and email marketing, concentrating on which channel is the best for customer engagement.

After analyzing, we have concluded that Push notification is the most prominent online marketing tool which boosts user retention. However, we should not overlook the fact that this notification is not a completely developed marketing tool, it is still a supplement to email and SMS.

So, to make android push notifications fully-fledged and inexpensive, use WonderPush. Get started using this platform !!.