Top Home Guide

Top Home Guide is an Amazon affiliate website which reviews products that used in home like heater, vacuum cleaner, hand shower, and many more. 

My job was to design the pages and posts of this website and setup all backup systems, Adding AdSense, Design product reviews, Contact page setup, and more. 

I have made this site SEO friendly so it will help the visitors to reach the website. The speed performance of the site is also very good. The page load less than 5 seconds.

John Martin, The owner of this website is happy with me and hire me twice in a month. 

Project Overview:

Responsive Design                                  : Yes

Software                                                    : WordPress

SEO Friendly                                             : Yes

Page Loading Speed                                : Less than 5 Sec

Google AdSense                                       : Yes

Price                                                           : $130

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