Top 3 paraphrasing apps for college students

Making lengthy assignments for every subject is a painstaking task for college students. 

Needless to say, college students and researchers assume that composing assignments in self-styled scribbles can get them to hit high scores. 

Are you nerve-racking about completing your assignments before the deadline? Or, are you not in the mood to write an extensive essay?

You might be in search of a possible solution to this intimidating concern, if so, read this post to the end. 

Academic writing is not a walk in the park. Therefore, you need some assistance while composing a subject assignment, a report, a presentation, or any piece of the text belonging to academics. 

Here, a specialized set of paraphrasing apps come into bloom. 

Students use these paraphrasing apps to save time and to come up with unique text that does not contemplate the original source from where you took the content. 

You might have observed that academic writers do not compromise on the uniqueness of the content, they wait for that creative moment that hits their mind and then bring their pen to paper. The same is expected from you as a student. 

It seems easy but it’s nothing but a long haul, particularly for all those students who do not have time for creative writing themselves. 

So, you do not need to drain your efforts to this tiresome task, simply use a paraphrasing app and compose your assignments in the easiest way ever.

How do paraphrasing apps help students?

Simply put, paraphrasing means telling something in other words. In the writing field, it means rewriting an already written text into your tone or style by keeping the original meaning of the text the same. 

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Also, paraphrasing is a simple technique that is used to avoid content duplication. 

Hence, the paraphrasing apps, nowadays, help students to write an already written text in a different and unique way to represent the same idea.

Removes Plagiarism 

Restating the fact, college students do not find time to compose assignments from scratch. Also, they are not expert writers, so because of untransformed writing skills, they fail badly in writing an exceptional piece of assignment without any kind of duplication.  

Due to time shortage and saturation of research, students end up copying and pasting content in bulk unknowingly. 

Here, a free online paraphrasing app can save students from this trouble.

Eliminate Grammatical Mistakes 

College assignments are expected to be free of all types of errors to achieve high scores including, spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. This is because there exists an unnerving competition among college students. 

Submitting assignments free of errors result in distinctions and positions with higher grades. So your assignments must be perfect in every way.

The poor grammar indicates that you have not even done your research work properly, therefore grammatical mistakes are a big no-no in academics. Additionally, it harms your academic reputation.

As a result, it is preferable to correct all mistakes before presenting your assignment to professors. Using an online paraphrase app is not only a great way to fix these mistakes, but it may also improve your writing style.

Maintains Sentence Structure

Every student must abide by the rules and regulations of their college while writing assignments. Long and intricate sentences look unattractive and you must avoid it. 

Before assigning your assignments, professors provide you with some guidelines to follow, and you must adhere to those strict guidelines while writing.

Thus, a paraphrasing app holds control over the content’s structure, format and grammar, and only suggests synonyms that do not change its context.

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3 Best paraphrasing checker apps for college students 

There are numerous paraphrasing apps available online for free but you have to put keen efforts into choosing the best one because a slight carelessness in academic writing can put you in hornets’ nests. 

1. Paraphrase Tool

This is the best online paraphrasing app for college students as it offers 100 percent free access to all. College students have to compose lengthy assignments over and over again so they cannot afford some expensive paraphrasing apps. 

This free app is a great way to paraphrase their assignments without any hassle.

Most of the online paraphraser apps are complicated to use and take more time. However, students are not expert writers, so they need something that is quite easy to operate. 

There is no rocket science paraphrasing by using this app as it is so simple and easy to use. Just copy-paste or upload the content and the app will rewrite the whole text without altering its meaning. 

Additionally, it gives results instantly that saves student’s precious time that they might utilize in exam preparation. 

Other features include 

  • Supports different languages and file formats
  • Anti-plagiarism results 

2. Paraphrasing tool (Enzipe app).

It is the best online free app option for college students to go for. It rephrases the text in a way that the original meaning does not change. 

It rewrites the text more creatively by changing synonyms and sentence structure so that the main context becomes more obvious. 

Moreover, the amazing feature of the app is that it lets you change the text according to the requirement by suggesting free relevant terms.

Simply copy-paste or upload the text file and it will start with a paraphrasing tool and show results in a matter of seconds.  

Other features include

  • Unlimited usage without spending a penny
  • The results can be downloaded 
  • No registration and sign-ups required 
  • Removes plagiarism 
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3. Rephraser

It is another paraphrasing app for college students that is free to use. Students can use this app unlimited times to paraphrase their assignments. 

It gives accurate results that are readable and completely make sense. Here accurate results mean the text rephraser is free from duplication. 

Submitting plagiarized assignments can ruin your academic score and your assignments will be rejected. Therefore, ensure that each piece of assignment is original and unique by using this free paraphrasing app without going through any stress. 

Simply copy-paste or upload a content file on the provided text box. Press on ‘’Paraphrase Now’’ and that’s it. This excellent paraphrasing app paraphrases the text and removes all types of duplicated content traces. 

Other features include

  • Supports multilingual paraphrasing 
  • Unlimited free usage 
  • Different modes of paraphrasing (creative, fluency, and standard)

Final words 

We have clearly elaborated why students need to use paraphrasing apps. 

However, the important thing to mention here is that a student can only take more accurate outcomes from a paraphrasing tool when he actually knows how these apps work and how he can make the paraphrased text better and more effective. 

Creating plagiarism-free content is a challenge for every college and university student, and using the paraphrasing apps helps them do so.  Unique assignments are also important to hit the highest scores, so make sure you use these apps to get more out of them. 

No matter how effective results a paraphrasing app can produce, it still needs your proofreading to make it more readable and presentable. 

Bear in mind that not all paraphrasing apps give 100 percent accurate results, try the above-mentioned free apps and see what they are offering you. 

These three apps are more trustworthy paraphrasing apps to rephrase the text in an exclusive and efficient way with minimum correction requirements.