Netflix VS Amazon Prime – Who Will Win The Streaming Wars?

When people talk about on-demand video streaming platforms in the US and internationally, you may notice that there is none popular than Netflix!

But is Netflix the only way to go? Those who think there are many more services to compare with Netflix might be the first to talk about Amazon Prime!

Maybe you’re one of them! Right? 

Well, here we’ve tried to share an in-deep researched content where you will see a post based on Netflix VS Amazon Prime.

Moreover, Here are some tips and tricks shared and a comparison of each of their sections, but make sure you are with us!

Take A Look at What You’re Going To Learn:

  • Who Is the King of The Streaming World?
  • Their Plan and Pricing Comparison.
  • Their Content Comparison.
  • User Experience (Who Offer The Best Value?)
  • Device Support.
  • Who Offers Strong Security?
  • Summing-Up:

#Netflix VS Amazon Prime: Who Is the King of The Streaming World?

In this streaming world, While Netflix can deliver original content based on customer demand, big companies like Amazon are no exception.

We will never hesitate to tell you that Netflix provides the best service, but it will not always be accepted in this competitive world.

Following Netflix’s high success, Amazon launched a video streaming service called Amazon Prime, which is currently almost close to Netflix.

In a nutshell, Netflix will be the king of the streaming industry, but we can’t hide the tremendous success of Amazon Prime.

#Plan and Pricing Comparison.

Netflix makes their plans quite cool with some affordable price ranges. As a large video streaming platform, they have several subscription options and plans.

You have to pay

  • $7.99 per month for one screen option.
  • For two screens with HD access, $10.99/m,
  • And $13.99/m for four screens with 4K access.

As opposed to, Amazon Prime has a great deal with college students. It means a college student with a valid .edu address can enjoy the Amazon Prime video at only $49 per year.

But typically, they charge only $10.99/m and $99 per year. The significant advantage of using Amazon Prime is you can use three screens at the same time. But the price point is noticeable!

#Content Comparison.

Over thousands of original licensed Hollywood movies, documentaries, TV shows, Netflix is the best option for all your needs.

Netflix has over 3751 local and international movies, 1569 shows, 33 movies in IMDb top 250, and 69 TV shows in IMDb top 250.

On the other hand, Since Amazon is buying TV shows, movies and streaming them in their prime, they are not limited to offering a few contents.

If they are counted, Amazon Prime has over 22,876 movies, 1 984 shows, 21 movies in IMDb Top 250, and 47 TV shows in IMDb Top 250.

#User Experience (Who Offer The Best Value?)

If you’re a Netflix user, you may know that there are several possibilities with your account. Some of them are Download content, streaming on multiple devices, audio description for the viewing impaired, subtitle features and numerous profiles, and more.

As opposed to, With an Amazon Prime account, you can access your parental control, Unlimited Photo Storage, Free Twitch Subscription, customizable caption, and offline viewing on the go!

Moreover, In your Netflix account, you can manage what you watch by keeping a watchlist.

Based on your overall all-day video watching interest, Netflix will send you notifications.

On the other hand, Amazon Channels let you set up channels from other platforms and services. Telling of some channels, HBO and Showtime will come first.

Both Amazon and Netflix are completely ads-free because they only have the premium plan, and don’t offer any free option, so you won’t have to worry about being interrupted by ads.

The interface and intuitive suggestion tool make the platform easy to use and navigate. And if we look at the Amazon Prime interface, you may fall in love because the entire UX is super clean and easy to navigate.

#Device Support.

Having this type of service doesn’t make much sense if the service isn’t suitable for your own devices. So before knowing the taste, make sure you know what device is compatible with the services.

Amazon Prime is completely compatible with a broader variety of platforms and services.

You can use Amazon Prime in your web browser, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Fire devices, Xbox One, various models of connected Blu-ray players, and Google’s Chromecast, and more.

Meanwhile, As the progenitor of the media space, Netflix has the most device compatibility. They support all of the same devices and platforms like Amazon Prime.

But some additional platforms that support Netflix are Nintendo 3DS and Windows Phone.

Who Offers The Most Security?

Since we all know that both Netflix and Amazon are the most trusted companies, there is no worry!

But it’s fair to say that Both platforms let their users log out unauthorized devices remotely, and Netflix doesn’t offer two-factor authentication where Amazon Prime provided the same thing a long time ago, And it’s still there!

Summing Up:

If we answer you shortly for your question about Netflix VS Amazon Prime, The Better option would be Netflix.

Although both services have a lot to offer, there are some reasons that Netflix is the most popular.

The primary reason could be the Netflix original content like The New Black, Stranger, and YOU.

One more significant advantage of using Netflix is there aren’t any extra fees involved. On the other hand, the Amazon Prime basic plan costs $12.99/m, which is more than Netflix basic.

So if you want to save money with a good service, Netflix would be the ideal Video streaming platform.

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