How To See Who Blocked You On Twitter?

When someone blocked you on any social media platform, you may lose your confidence. Although this might be the result of your unnecessary activities on that platform.

But when it comes to Twitter profile blocking, you may ask how to see who blocked you on Twitter.

If you ask this question, you’re on the right page because here we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive guide on this specific subject.

Twitter Account Blocking Explanation:

On Twitter, A user will be able to do something so that he will never see you again and will have no connection with you, and this is called “Blocking on Twitter”.

Once you are blocked by someone from any social media platforms or even from Twitter, you will not be able to see the user profile, send any message, post any media.

See Who Blocked You on Twitter:

In a simple words, you will not find any specific solution to find out who blocked you on the platform.

In addition to this, You’ll not get any notification when you are blocked by someone on the platform, and you can’t even see a list of user accounts who blocked you before.

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The only way is available to follow is to investigate the user account to make sure you’re blocked by the person.

To check the user account that may block you, there are some easy ways to follow, but we’re going to give you a way that’s simple.

Here’s How:

  • Open a browser on your phone and search for Twitter, you can also use the Twitter app to do that.
  • Then search for the user account by the name from the app or you can use the user URL on the browser to find the account.
  • Once you found the profile, you can see the profile if you’re not blocked yet, but if you’re already blocked by the user, you’ll not be able to see the profile and there will you see a message “You’re Blocked”.

Well, now you know who blocked you, but when it comes to know about how you can block someone on Twitter, you may need a bit of help, and that’s why the below section comes in.

How to Block a User on Twitter?

Blocking an account is simple, you’ll not need to have any technical knowledge simply open the application,

  • Finds the user you want to block
  • Click on the three-dots icon from the top of the app and click on it
  • There you can see a lot of options, just find out the blocking option and hit the block button, that’s it!

Notes: Due to blocking the user, you cannot access any information or profile update in the future, Neither you nor he.

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FAQ Section:

#1: How Do You Tell If You Have Been Blocked On Twitter?

Answer: To find out that, you can search for the profile and try to access the content shared by the user, if you can’t access and see the “You’re Blocked” message then think you’re blocked.

#2: Can You Mass Block On Twitter?

Twitter doesn’t support any option that will allow you to block multiple accounts at once, but there is still a chance that you block an account individually, however, we hope Twitter will allow this mass blocking feature soon.

#3: Can You Block Someone On Twitter Without Them Knowing?

Yes, you don’t need to let the user you’re going to block know before blocking, you can simply go to the user account and block without any question.

#4: How Can I Contact Someone Who Has Blocked Me?

Although after you are blocked from anyone on Twitter, There is no chance to see any contact information to connect with the person, however, the only way is to use another account to see his email address, and then connect with him to unblock you.

#5: Is There A Way To Block Everyone Who Liked A Tweet?

Once you publish a tweet, you can check the number of people who linked it, so simply check them click on the user profile, and block that user from your profile.

#6: Is It Rude To Unfollow On Twitter?

As usual, you should not unfollow an account on Twitter, but when you notice someone is posting any bad content that you don’t want to see, you can then unfollow the user.

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No one wants to be easily blocked, This is unfortunate, but if you make a mistake on Twitter, anyone can easily block you.

And this is why people ask for “how to see who blocked you on Twitter”, so we hope the article we’ve shared in this post will help you to find out the profile.